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A lunatic I

a lunatic I moon-bright eyes threading the shadows let the April fools hunt for me I’ll have the last laugh the forest’s alive rich with death for the unwary follow my paw prints in a dance of satisfaction I’ll lead … Continue reading

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Haiku Nookie 2014

In March 2014 I joined a community called Haiku Nook where many very talented poets share and discuss haiku. I want to make a record of the 200+ haiku I’ve so far shared mostly only in that community (from laziness … Continue reading

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Alyth through the looking-glass

My friend Alyth has been rather subdued of late, partly because of all the stress in the wake of Tina’s disappearance, which does seem to have died down, mostly, and partly because the end-of-year exams are looming. I think also … Continue reading

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