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Oral Intercourse with Alina X

Hi Alina X, welcome to Alina Meridon! I have to say: I love your name. Thank you! It means ‘light’ – but I guess you know that. Oddly enough, the Alina of Alina Meridon means ‘harbour’. Alina Meridon is ‘the … Continue reading

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Superficial Specificity: Lorenzi Heels and Illamasqua

March 16th – the one year anniversary of the day Suzie met Cleo. It was a few days after that, however, that Suzie and the Monsters was conceived. On March 23rd I arrived in Bulgaria for a week – for … Continue reading

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Alyth enchained

My friend Alyth, who still asserts that she’s ‘one hundred percent straight’, seems determined to explore the limits of her bi-curiosity. Her girlfriend (‘She’s not my girlfriend!’) Tina persuaded her to accompany her to a private party on Saturday night. … Continue reading

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