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Sexbots Are Coming

Poetry? About sexbots? How absurd! You might as well write poetry about dildos! mighty redwood – how we would mourn thy glorious fall What sort of a man are you to sully this highest art with such perversion? I have … Continue reading

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parts misusedautomaton – a screwloose Although… today’s prompt is haibun, so let’s synthesise something. He disassembled her, and with lines of unbreakable code he bound her limbs. Methodically, with sharp-tipped brackets, he stapled her. With infinitely looping threads he stitched … Continue reading

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Bathed in beauty

People like to talk about God as if they understand ‘Him’. They talk about infinity and eternity as if the human mind can encompass such concepts. Yet even our humble and finite, magnificent little star dwarfs the deities of human … Continue reading

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