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The Tree

The tree was the heart of the Garden, thick roots stretching out in all directions from the base of its ancient trunk, beneath a vast umbrella of green shot through with rays of golden sunlight. “It’s as old as the … Continue reading

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The Wall

Lilith watched her man climb the slope below her. Like everything else in the Garden, Adam was imbued with vigour and beauty, and a hunger for him stirred within her. A hunger laced with frustration. She lifted her gaze to … Continue reading

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but who will worship you

‘no matter how you hate me; I will die I will not be forgot! a spirit of the air! but who will worship you?’ she asked, ‘not I ‘though you be the first and only man – and, why, even … Continue reading

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In the Garden

When ancient stars were newly born A glorious vale embraced the dawn Its forests dark with shady night Now pierced by javelins of light Both beautiful and barbarous Both reverent and riotous So full of clamour, free of strife, Alive … Continue reading

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