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Where Will I

Where will I go when I am gone Will my spirit sink or fly Will earthly worms consume my flesh Will vultures take me high Will ashes stir upon the waves Will spectral hungers rage Will it all have been … Continue reading

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A lunatic I

a lunatic I moon-bright eyes threading the shadows let the April fools hunt for me I’ll have the last laugh the forest’s alive rich with death for the unwary follow my paw prints in a dance of satisfaction I’ll lead … Continue reading

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a fragrance that awakens the soul

Death widow dressed in black her heart enshrouded she mourns the lives she will take o sweet catharsis! she celebrates by dancing on her lover’s grave let us bid adieu… take my hand – the world owes us one last … Continue reading

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Sparkly Love

I met a pale-skinned vampire lady Beneath an oak tree, tall and shady, I winked and asked her, ‘Are you sparkly?’ She glowered back, said rather darkly, ‘My skin is cold as desert night ‘And in the moonlight glimmers white … Continue reading

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