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Evidence of pain

in solitude she weathered the rain she blessed it, the evidence of pain washed from her cheeks, the tumult a flood that drowned the whimpering night in mud cliffs of glass and solid brick stood calm impassive, no sign of … Continue reading

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Defining the Bitch

‘Tell me,’ J.D. Crawford asks, ‘what do you believe defines a bitch? Also, what do people do, say or look like to create certain judgments?’ My reply, yesterday, cheeky-but-serious, was: ‘A bitch is a female who is independent and/or successful … Continue reading

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Women Behaving Badly

‘Women are the masters of indirect aggression,’ Alana Munro says. ‘Indirect aggression is a soup that stews on and on for years. It endlessly chips away at a woman’s sense of self. Eroding her self-worth day in, day out.’ Women … Continue reading

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