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crossing the imagined

two empty beer cans one drunk milky way a distant memory of stars blackberries and vines sweet intoxication flows from my thorn-spiled flesh between fire and flood a vale of unbelievers throw stones … it’s tee-time with sun’s set: a … Continue reading

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Quantum Computer

a billion cats inside her head statistically alive to solve a problem only one was needed to survive alive again, and dead again their nine lives long forgot imprisoned each within a cell no bigger than a dot from time … Continue reading

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prowling restlessly up she climbed up above the shadowed walks sure in her superior state sinister with her predatory gait yet soft and perfectly refined

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Letting the cat out of the, er, box

Siggy’s post on The Fluidity Uncertainty Principle has got me thinking about quantum sexuality. Now, I know precisely where and when I studied physics, but I am quite uncertain about the physics I learned. I have long struggled over concepts … Continue reading

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