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Little Princesses – with a hint of dystopia

‘We are told from an early age that we are special,’ she says, her hands punctuating the air dramatically. ‘Or at least that we are destined to be special. We are told that we are beautiful, and that so long … Continue reading

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Skirting the Truth with Alina X

With Alina X, it’s difficult to know where reality stops and imagination starts. Perhaps she’s only a university researcher with an overactive imagination and a risqué dress sense, but it’s not difficult to believe that she’s a sexual adventuress, or … Continue reading

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Alina X Abducted

‘Earlier this year I was abducted by aliens.’ I just stared at her. She ignored me, seemingly oblivious to all around her as she sipped her Darjeeling. ‘Aliens,’ I echoed, trying to suppress my instinctive sarcasm. Alina shrugged. ‘Maybe they … Continue reading

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Cybersex with Alina X

My friend Alina, who I once accused of being imaginary (and who refuses to provide conclusive evidence to the contrary), has forayed into erotic science fiction for her second publication. ‘It started out as a bit of a sexual fantasy,’ … Continue reading

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Oral Intercourse with Alina X

Hi Alina X, welcome to Alina Meridon! I have to say: I love your name. Thank you! It means ‘light’ – but I guess you know that. Oddly enough, the Alina of Alina Meridon means ‘harbour’. Alina Meridon is ‘the … Continue reading

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