the days are getting darker

dinosaurs roam still –
so many special snowflakes
all dressed up in blue

safe spaces trampled
right-wing politicians cry
for no no platform

how bare the grass!
though it is greener…
(I’m sure it will grow)

why doesn’t she listen!
have I not explained
I know her better than she?

ban education!
let them remain ignorant
of our ignorance…

how dare you tell me
that my hard-earned victimhood
is not absolute

I express myself
with righteous indignation
but the truth is plain

the sparkler
will soon extinguish . . .

snow men have stars
in their hearts
the queen would be proud

forged on the anvil
of ignorance

true or false:
it’s binary
or it’s not

between poetry
and endless christmas carols
a die hard season

such pretty faces
lurking beyond closet walls
armed with fetid texts

flats and curves
the definition of us
by others

sand is running out

we rob from tomorrow
to build for today

walrus tears fall on concrete
oysters follow the carpenter
no longer

even the rainbow
plucks waves from its spectrum
and calls them straight
a circle is perfection
when dividing

I drown myself

seeking oblivion
peace… in stillness

for a while, bubbles
bursting echoes
of childhood

her victory
is not absolute
we play no more

what makes her tick?

tit and tut – easily wound up
circular arguments

she leaps
between thoughts
in her restless hands

the storm rages red
shedding feathers of chaos
we mourn its passing

the days are getting darker
I add extra milk

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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