crossing the imagined

two empty beer cans one drunk

milky way
a distant memory
of stars

blackberries and vines
sweet intoxication flows
from my thorn-spiled flesh

between fire and flood
a vale of unbelievers
throw stones
… it’s tee-time

with sun’s set: a star!
descending – to tarmac
so much for that

half seen unseen
lines – crossing the imagined
bats erratic

I blink
blind… as the bat
I do not see

balcony view
the natives emerge
at twilight
I am guest of honour
at this feast

a rash decision
to swim so boldly – baldly? –
without protection

from this fire lilith
spilled upon heaven’s green earth
seeds of destruction

sunbathing – a break
in the clouds

stir-crazy cat
askin’ me
to stop the rain

listen to the skies:
“No! This is how you do it!”
(watering my plants)
for two days now this wisdom
has been drummed into my head

weapons of terror
his words
and the fists that speak them

firefly campaigner labours for victory

cycling in the sun
I bring home
a souvenir

that I had such wine
to summon the wrath
of a goddess

asphalt a hot knife through buttercups

half and half
vanilla chocolate
equinox ice cream

equinox dividing cream
from ice

how magnificent
that our eyes should see so well
except when open

between stars a space of dark
matter imagined

waves in the Danube
how these waters still run blue
is a mystery

rivers stripped of sand
water lingers no longer
where it is needed
such thirst for concrete!

Aphrodite’s lost skirt
has left many a primrose

primrose dressed in Aphrodite’s skirt

some may have said
the parliament should be hung

a desperate vote
the papers all agree for once
blown by an ill wind

barley for the gods
too much blood has been spilled
before the altar

the study of bounds
of logic students know well
red pens draw sharp lines

tights fall in darkness
the slow drip of the craftsman
camera flashed

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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7 Responses to crossing the imagined

  1. So fascinating, Frank. It’s almost like a puzzle or a maze. There are so many different ways to read.

  2. BroadBlogs says:

    Intriguing mythological imagery.

    • Frank says:

      I was looking at primroses and they way they seem to sing, “Look how beautiful I am!” Thus Aphrodite.

      But if you mean Lilith… I don’t see Lilith as wantonly destructive (although she’s arguably destructively wanton) so much as defiant of imposed order, i.e.:
      God: Here is the world I’ve created for you.
      Lilith: Your world is wrong and I shall change it.

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