I Like It Hard – A publishing anniversary!

Cover of I Like It Hard by Francis James FranklinMy novelette, I Like It Hard, was published by Less Than Three Press (who are currently having a sale to celebrate Pride month) this day last year.

After her brother Dan loses in the final of the XXX-rated Reality TV show I Like It Hard, Helen Arnold finds new purpose in life: enter the show herself—and win.

But no amount of training or advice from Dan and his lovers can fully prepare her for naked interviews, two weeks in a porn-studio villa, and weeks of nerve- wracking live sex shows—all while dealing with the capricious nature of the judges, who wield absolute power over the show and its contestants.

Being both bisexual and aromantic, Helen is used to dealing with people who don’t like or approve of her—and she’s never been the type to back down when life gets hard.


“Oh,” my mother said when I told her the news, her neutral response spoken through lips twisted with unconcealed distaste. “Well done.” My father mumbled agreement. Clearly, both were still distressed that I was taking part in the competition at all, and despite their words, they were disappointed I hadn’t been kicked out.

Not that they had been one hundred percent behind Dan, but their complaints then had been more about his dragging them into the media spotlight. Which they were used to by now, really, so that wasn’t so much an issue. With me, it boiled down to my being a woman. My poor Mum. She had triumphed in her acceptance of Dan being gay, and had even at times shown a reluctant pride in seeing him on television, but I baffled her. In her mind, my bisexuality was a phase, my aromanticism was just a fancy way of saying I hadn’t met the right man, and my determination to follow in my brother’s footsteps was pure perversity to spite her.

“I don’t know why you feel you need to do this,” my mum said, not for the first time. I think I must have heard it at least once every week since I had started my training in earnest. “You’re such a smart girl. You should get yourself a normal job, find a nice young man, get married.” Thus proving that she never listened to a word I said.

Dan grinned at my scowl. “Yeah, Sis. You know what, we should post a video of you on YouTube, standing in front of a blackboard and writing fancy equations. Then you turn round, look at the camera, and say, ‘I like it hard!’”

I chuckled at this. “Do you think I could make a career in naked accountancy? ‘All figures exposed — except the real ones.’ How’s that for a slogan?”

Mum glared at both of us. “This isn’t a laughing matter! No one will ever take you seriously if you do this. And no man will ever love you. They’ll see you as a slut to be used and discarded.”

Yes, my mum called me a slut. While pretending not to, but still. Sighing, I looked at Dan. “Let’s go. This girl needs to train hard if she’s ever going to be as big a slut as you.”

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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10 Responses to I Like It Hard – A publishing anniversary!

  1. Vashti Q says:

    I’m intrigued! I think this will be a fun read. I’m curious to know if she wins. 😉

  2. BroadBlogs says:

    You’re such a good writer. Interesting to have mum involved in this. But then I come from a family where you just don’t talk about sex at all.

    On an unrelated issue, What you think about the British election? Good or bad and why?

    • Frank says:

      I also come from a family that never talks about sex… how embarrassing that I write about it!

      The election… Oh, dear. Britain was almost torn apart last year with the Brexit referendum, and it’s still a raw wound with many in denial and many shocked by how gullable they were. So for Theresa May to announce another election so soon – entirely without need, but she was convinced it would be an easy victory – upset a lot of people.

      She hopes to bully the EU into a good deal – when they have no real incentive to listen to her at all – and hopes that Trump and the USA will be an opportunity post-Brexit… Hah! As if. Unless you count defunding the NHS and setting up US-style healthcare. And. And. And.

      Versus Jeremy Corbyn, a hardcore socialist championing public services and high taxes (actually, just a return of taxes to a normal rate after having been lowered progressively by the Conservatives) and of course he gets huge popular support – but also he has been villified by the media, who are of course owned 80% by billionaires who hate the idea of taxes.

      So… despite relentless negativity by the media, Jeremy Corbyn has thwarted Theresa May’s desire for an increased majority. Technically a loss for Labour, but it’s the Conservatives who are really hurting today.

      And, of course, the rest of Europe are having a good chuckle at our expense.

      • BroadBlogs says:

        It’s good to hear an insider’s perspective. Thanks for enlightening me on all this. From what I’ve heard her strategy backfired, So I guess that’s good. I was glad that the one who seemed less in with Trump won.

      • Frank says:

        I quite agree – although the market’s in chaos now. Who knows what will happen in the next few weeks…

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