nothing but echoes – washed in sorrow


horned fertility
of ancient gods a river
of divine blessings
sowing of seed was n/ever
man’s responsibility

I defy tradition!
as my father did before me

tradition a strait-laced corset
about a breathless maid

bed of knots and leaves
she leaves me, I leave her not
she leaves me knotted

the pride of an apple
before its fall

straight lines in the sand
washed away – a migration
of identities

at day’s end

on the table my fingers chase
the tomcat murr

nothing but echoes
tradition a narrative
of age-old wisdom
nostalgia for a lost past
no excuse for prejudice

MRI contrast
the nurse spills
cranberry juice

Sweets & Nuts

ill-timed messenger
carrying the appointment
of his own demise

clock change
I was born before
my elder twin

hickory dickory dock
the … squirrel got there first

over the world
acorns grow ships
knots to knots

a gathering
of bitter almonds
coated with sugar

stuffing children
full of sweets
in the oven

unfair that sweetness
should be the source
of misery

washed in sorrow
the tides follow
the drifting moon

sixteenth candle light romance

heritage heart stirring the sound of steam

too hot the steam
of chernobyl fire
a radical solution

pub meal
by a warm hearth
chimney fire

a hundred

the worst of politics
the worst of people
yes no

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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  1. Brilliant––as usual. 🙂

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