falling in love with colour

Cloudy Skies

morning commute
along the aisle
veiled bride
october sky

why do I see clouds?
others see only silver
and dance in the rain

I wear turbulence
like a tutu

tea ceremony
I wait for the storm
to pass

Science & Fiction

here and now each physicist
takes a different position

degrees of freedom –
mathematics of witchcraft
is a hot topic

she says: no dreaming
of other women (or men)
a fantasy world

in one verse

uniquely perfect
goldilocks had better luck
in a den of bears

red planet
so much blood spilled
by martian men


of the moon

fearful symmetry of poetic justice

after the news
we catch tears
with a smile

swimming with mermaids
I’m head over heels in love
with a fantasy

treading water
at the treadmill
the daily jam


colour of water fall reflected

how many more colours
are we blind to?

fire opals
the last tears
of dragons

rose petal lover
no more words the fall has left
your thorns unconcealed

catch me if I fall
I would sooner burn above
than lie in decay

’tis the season
for falling in love
with colour


humans drunk
after sunset

we seek saints
through pumpkin eyes

humanity – we prove ourselves
with hot air

judgement day
we never stop


a sentence can lead to a period
in jail

just desserts
for the mess made
by old etonians

a lemming question:
is a fence on a clifftop
a threat to freedom?

alas poor cricket bat

even a mouse
may eclipse an elephant
if made of cheese

my heels grow sharper
and longer the more I lie
pinocchio knows

I straddle the fence to walk
on greener grass

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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2 Responses to falling in love with colour

  1. Beautiful, Frank. I love the imagination and words of Colour.

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