cold flesh on hot – how the forest burns


pi quarters
infinite trail of…
from the missing piece

the hoops I jump through
to avoid exercise…

grammar’s a liar
she lies in bed comma-toes
what big teeth she has!

but for a teddy bare


crush –
the hammer of limerence
leaves all hearts misshapen

checks and balances…
legislative tyranny
haunted de toqueville

we’ll toast
our future scotched
on the rocks

this ill-tempered world
will bicker to its end
prelude to a fugue

peace of mind
mulling over
grey matter

scarecrow waiting
for a partner

all night long
dancing bear
about the pole

where serpents once ruled
I tell stories of ancients
my daughter wants more

rings liberated
from many a poor bride’s hand
magnetic saturn

one kiss, sweet lethe
and an eternity of longing
would be forgot

shooting stars…
constitution of a cult
meeting at the kirk


sun-baked british child
in a castle out at sea
mail from africa
measle-sick and blue eyes wide
water water water . . .

whispering leaves
a fortune untold
tea time
each full and fragrant cup

where is your compass
and the chart your fair hand marked?
I am lost at sea

was well-skilled in the lyre
a stringer of bows
he lied in bed with Circe
his wife lied with Nobody

neptune’s trident claw
wrathful bright ephemera
in charybdis wrought
jason these white horses rode
his ill fate galloping near

waveless treachery!
a cool calm exterior
turbulence conceals
endless and unquenchable
rage against the mortal mind

Vampires and Lilith

vampire’s embrace…
the generation of heat
by cold flesh on hot

creatures of the night
drinking coffee from the vein
at twelve twenty three

foolish adam
reviling the serpent
he gave her wings

lilith forgive me
I dared to seek salvation
in another’s lips

how the forest burns
wherever you have touched it
would you drown in me?

keep thy apple, sir
its lush flesh an innocence
I have never known

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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