Cinderella’s Cautious Heart

“O beauty nameless, dance with me
there’s none as fair as you
I like my women razor-thin
I love an ingénue
I have a fetish for high heels
a lust for bare feet too”

“Oh Sir, your words are flattery
a handsome prince thou art
But do not think these artless words
will win my cautious heart
I’ll dance with you, but warn you too,
at midnight we must part”

“At midnight! Why? That’s far too soon
the evening scarce begun
We should be dancing all night long
until we see the sun
You’ve just arrived! so tell me why
you’re planning now to run”

“Alas, I’m cursed, an evil life
a pleasure cut too short
It’s purest chance – and magical! –
I’ve even come to Court
Bless my fairy godmother
her every mole and wart”

“Then do not waste a single hour!
I’ll lead you in the dance
See the way they envy you!
bask in every glance!
Revel in this wondrous night!
seize this fateful chance!”

“My Prince, I will, your words are true
this night I will embrace
The magic in these glassy shoes
will make me dance with grace
But tell me, please, who is that girl
dressed all in purple lace?”

“My sister she, unmarried yet
for none have caught her eye
Quite determined she has been
as stubborn, yes, as I
A hundred men she’s turned away
and will not tell us why”

“Oh let me ask her, girl to girl
the truth she will reveal
(though from her fair lips words alone
are not what I would steal)
And if she doesn’t, I’ll be yours
what say you, Sir, a deal?”

“O beauty nameless, wicked thing
to tease affection so
If you have no love for me
you need say only ‘no’
But should I lose you, keep in mind
at midnight you must go”

“A gracious man thou art indeed
my heart will be quite torn
But if I leave without her kiss
forever will I mourn…
If you would marry me, then find
the feet these shoes adorn”

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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6 Responses to Cinderella’s Cautious Heart

  1. Love the meter and language, Frank. So classical. Well done.

  2. purehaiku says:

    nice twist to the Cinderella story – as always in awe of you ability for rhyme and rhythm and perfect flow xxx

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