A Virgin Pure

They made a television series
charting Kara’s life
With errors and omissions too
the plot was truly rife
Not once was mention made of her
sweet dominatrix wife

“It’s full of lies! I’m not like that!”
cried Kara yet again
“They make me seem a virgin pure
obsessed with shirtless men
I haven’t watched it all, and I’ve
already counted ten”

Said Mistress X, “They’re such a bore
it’s just a bit of spice
But people want a hero true
unsullied by such vice
The thought of Supergirl in chains –
well, simply isn’t ‘nice'”

“I know, but look, they’ve made me straight
they should have made me bi
All those gorgeous girls, and see:
I do not even try!
A wasted opportunity
enough to make me cry”

“Oh Kara dear, it’s for the best
how would it make me feel?
To watch you watching other girls
no matter it’s not real
My heart would break with every glance
with every kiss you steal…”

Kara laughed. “That isn’t me
though much alike, it’s true
But tell me, Mistress, why you’re not
this jealous of men too?
They’re pretty hot, I must admit
though not as hot as you”

“No man would dare to touch my girl
I’d flay him to the bone
That’s why the villains watch their tongues
and leave you well alone
So let your heart be warm for me
for others cold as stone”

Kara grinned and kissed her love
“Your fire warms me through
No other have I wanted since
the day I said, ‘I do’
Go get your whips, O Mistress Mine
I’ll don the red and blue…”

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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