unsleeping leopardess – majestic imagination


rainbow tears in sunshine

in lieu of tears

in place of sunshine


I write about sex
and readers avert their eyes
assuming the words
they say, don’t buy screw-cap wine
corks promise real quality

available soon
to be ignored
by all

between abaqus
and relentless metronome
my quill drags its chain
how can I be free to write
when imagery is boxed


I dip my line
into a sea
of tranquility

tied to rails I sleep
adrift on a ballast bed
a mallard flies past

pinch me – awaken
the unsleeping leopardess
with lipsticked kisses

forget narnia
my wardrobe is a gateway
to another me

tear tracks
I choke on memory
of fresh air

pear tree
I grow haiku
from cuttings

blood orange…
a feast for the living
and the undead

no more reflections
my words are fragile kisses
on forgotten lips

children of the night
hunting for the sweetest blood
cleopatra sleeps

luxurious sand
caressing the naked sole
beachgrass tipped with blood

electric narwhale
outpacing its steaming foe
many leagues to go

unless I am caught
my crimes are irrelevant
quantized injustice

break time
firefly on a powder keg
lighting up

sometimes the volume
demands to be eleven
shivers down my spine

I stand back to back
and face my worst enemy
armed with coathangers

examiner’s quill
deadly sharp and scribing red
chalk’s a dirty word

touch of a warm kiss
on his elsewhere wife’s soft lips

Errant Thoughts

banana fibre absorbing women’s issue

lifting her skirt – a fresh wind

close shave – a voyeur escapes

bamboozled etymologist

time flies – sandstorm

sushi – a fork in the river

in a nutshell, adulation of a cricket

bloody words washed by tears

body sword swashed by buckles

wildflower chafed by her wedding ring

here in a flash flood of migrants

smoothing the fault lines
from the marriage bed

for the eel a bed
of rice

another waterfall
for no good reason

footprint in sand I break
a hard-boiled egg

exam scripts…
I circle the base

silent night – I sleep through
another chapter

Take away the self
You are left with nothing
Divide by the self
To achieve unity…


the anticipation
of falling

that feeling when
the swing starts to fall

at the top of the swing – holding on
to weightlessness


brits leave europe breaking my heart

cicadas – a new chorus of racism

country cracked – ugly interior exposed

dawn of a new era
a million screams

berlin wall
we borrow bricks
for brexit

we witness the birth
a new era of false cheer:
three cheers for britain!

strawberries and cream
nigel mirage drinks bubbly
with a squeaky grin

britain rules the waves!
tremble at our majestic

ask not the spider
to illuminate her web
soft and strong its silk
bright the politics of hate
to blind the easily led

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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8 Responses to unsleeping leopardess – majestic imagination

  1. Noora says:

    Stunning poetry, as always. I’m still heartbroken over the Orlando shootings.

  2. you have such a wide range of poetic talent – I love reading your poems! my favourites here were Orlando (clever!), Solstice and the pear haiku under Misc. lovely stuff! xxx

    • Frank says:

      The pear haiku started out as something very different, I forget now. I like how it ended up. With solstice I was struggling to capture a particular feeling, and I’m glad you like that. For Orlando, words are inadequate – but I wanted to say something.

      I’m very grateful to the Haiku Nook. The clever prompts, constructive discussions and general friendliness make it a rare community.

  3. What pours out of your brain is pure genius. You are so talented, my friend.

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