Elusive Radiance

Aidee Ladnier had a lovely guest post on this blog last month (Why I Love Science Fiction Romance) and I was curious enough to pick up her new F/F sci-fi romance novelette when it was released yesterday.

Elusive Radiance is a delightful read, well written and quick-paced. There is an erotic tension between the two main characters right from the start, and a satisfying romance that sustains the tension through to the end. The narrator, Anais, is a genetically engineered security agent, considered non-human and property of the Levantar Los Ojos Spindle. She is assigned to guard Savea Blackmun, a delegate from the backwater colony of Helion. Savea is beautiful and confidently charming, but unfamiliar with the circles she must move in; Anais offers to be guide as much as guard, and her erratic ability to turn invisible proves very useful.

In more ways than one.

It’s primarily an erotic romance, but there are glimpses of a real science fiction story beyond that, and I hope this will be explored in sequels. I mean, forget the romance and the erotica, I want to know about the ‘ancient alien engineering’ of the Levantar Spindle. What a tease…

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  1. BroadBlogs says:

    Erotic romance sounds good.

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