my nose and i – doomed to invisibility


voyage into space
gap between this word
and the next

in quiet reflection
its song deafening

her last smile
by her husband

the space
between words

everything I know
gone in a heartbeat

sand in a balloon
chaos in a fragile shell
we play catch

I fall through the night
into morning

love is in the air
and fairytale flowers bloom
mosquito net

these aren’t the steroids
you’re looking for

in gold cupped hands
kiss of death

makeshift world
ticking along
second hand a wrench

i spy
beginning with u
a seven letter word

lacryma christi
how many have wept
through our eyes

fossil hunter
with no legs to stand on
solid ground

crossing the styx
gap between this world
and the next

Traditional 5-7-5

shadows on canvas
passion of last night’s rembrandt
lingers in my bed

a native speaker
I dress my head in feathers
and circle my words

many-ended path
capillaries of raw life
a pleasure to walk

glass sharp memory
to find one’s true love and see
it unreflected

the moon’s my mistress
but not for eternity
would I hide the sun

this is not haiku
the five-seven-five deceives
tomorrow’s the day

coffee with saffron
cardamom and rose water
flasked arabia

desist! unkissed flesh
despises remote control
put your hands on me

fly, messenger, fly
mercury in precession
about the sun god

I am neptune’s gift
eat my fruit and cast aside
all human concern

my words do not flow
some fool has dammed the river
and left me barren

take care, chaperone
let no man see the beauty
that is yours alone

her nipple rings me
to invite me for a drink
the sister comes too


haiku cut: poet’s teeth

mascara waterfall

coffin nails – they build me a closet

rainbow printed in black and white

head lice the editor’s red pen

fallow grave – wheel barrow

duct tape the way to stockholm

sand balloon we play catch

my nose and i make noise

the only race for presidency

national lottery sunshine roulette

pulp mill another potboiler

the prick of lemon tears

pangaea failed to give us mountains

borne on a fractured world

making an ache out of each permutation

television directing the fingers’ dance

blue movie a fantasy of waves

sexbot servicing mechanism of love


they build a closet for me
with coffin nails

bench press
the judge weighs in

nipple ring – a woman doomed
to invisibility

once upon a time
there was nothing else

mistletoe jam
I kiss my bread and butter

getting steamy between the sheets
ironing board

finite elements
I converge on infinity

old tv in the bedroom
fifty shades of grey

if all borders were imaginary
how would we imagine them?

anesthesia – i sleep
through the cut


a tree falls
into a book
counting gold

cutting to the meat
drawing blood
taste of honey
on a maid exposed

leave that king
playing with himself
in infinite space
he’ll weep to watch us dance
the Nutcracker

my watch
not a second
shall pass
this time

The Slave-Girl and the Vampire

rewarded with nipple rings
there is no escape

rings and silver bells
make a sullen girl merry
how bright her hatred

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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  1. Frank says:

    Included in Haiku Daily on Saturday 30th April, 2016.

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