Oh, Supergirl, a moment, please?

Dressed up like a human girl
in nondescript array
Our superhero told herself
“this is the only way
I can’t survive without a job
there’s bills I need to pay

“A job that lets me get around
be where I need to be
And yet to be invisible
no questions asked of me
So I can hear what I must hear
and see what I must see

“A journalist is what I’ll be
my cousin does it well
I’ll make good news, report it too
a handy parallel
I’ll even interview myself
I’m sure that that will sell…

“Let’s see, we’ll meet, a scene of crime
a murder in the park
Policemen traipsing all around
with torches in the dark
And Supergirl will be there too
and I will make my mark

“‘Oh, Supergirl, a moment, please?
the press would like a word’
Perhaps she’ll fall in love with me…
no, that would be absurd
But maybe drop a hint or two?
they’ll wonder what occurred

“‘Oh, Supergirl, I love your tights
so silky smooth, so fine
My fingers on your kryptic S
feel every curve and line
Yes, fly me to my humble home
we’ll share a glass of wine’”

Laughing to herself she said,
“I will enjoy this ruse
Such glorious fiction I will write
I’ll slander and accuse
All so much fun no editor
could possibly refuse!”

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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