fire opals falling – I fear no arrows


banish the sunset!
aromance is in the ir-
idescent twilight

Aphrodite laughs
why must the world suffer
for her caprices?

I fear no arrows
wild and free my goddess is
both hunter and chaste

my evergreen heart
worships sun and snow alike
and falls for no one

I am no ice queen!
my veins run with passion’s fire
but my heart’s my own

aromantic week
follows that romantic day
sweet hearts unwelcome


we spoke of old wars
their causes worn and weary
easily forgot

talisker tears…
memory of blue skye
on a cloudy day

ashes of my words
written for no one to hear
cast to the four winds

full moon calling me
bitter snow, moon over trees
dark my hunger, moon

snow moon, hunger moon
you are full tonight, lady
while I starve below

the winds howl at night…
seed planting in the redoubt
where wolfsbane grows now

the bells are silent
lily of the valley mourns
her fallen lovers

pared and trailing blood
red berries stark against ice
all is black and white

fire opals falling
the dragon dreams of rainbows
over lakes of gold

eternity’s catch
I spend the good night sandwiched
between two pages

my name is star child
for months I was a twinkling
in my mother’s eye

lakme sings of love
bites from sultry catherine
and susan is lost

a penitent man
his leap from the lion’s head
saved his father’s life

(my haiku writes me
into brief obscurity
drowning in sorrow)

Valentine Haiku?

very addictive
love ephemeral needs two
in needful embrace

vocal ardent love
exciting naked teasing
is never enough

Errant Thoughts

birdsong passing the time

I plough dark skies, sowing stars

snow drops – the warming sea

a fair blushing maid girded with thorns

star a twinkling in her mother’s eye

angelic I unfold my centre

haunted house the weather upstairs

lov  visi  itv
a fc gy dav

polar bear chasing its tail
a twinkle in its eye

snow moon
you are full tonight
while I starve

salt and vinegar
fish in the news
no longer

new moon
we watch the sunrise
at sunset

on the tongue

angelic figure
I spread my wings
like a centrefold

A Lonely F/F Tea Party

twelve nights of Christmas
spent unwrapping the present
true love sent to me

in red ribbons dressed
a profusion of rosettes
ready to be pulled

how rosy her cheek!
silk and petal words conceal
a tongue barbed and sharp

lemon her kisses
acid on my tear-stained cheeks
how I am bitten

waist cinched, my cheeks burn
from a lash of displeasure
forgive me, mistress!

my mistress teases
tears with a poetic quill
the nib cuts me deep

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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  1. Frank says:

    Included in Haiku Daily on Tuesday 1st March, 2016.

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