As if to be a unicorn

‘I love you’ is reserved for friends
No lover’s heard it yet
I’ve never sought my ‘one true love’
(Not something I regret)

All valentines, anonymous
‘Return to sender’ go
All wild proposals – so absurd! –
Receive the answer, ‘No.’

My body’s ‘hot’, my heart is ‘cold’
I hear it all the time
As if to be a unicorn
Is some unholy crime

Let them come, and let them go
My sheets are mine at night
I need no ‘other half’ in bed
When I switch off the light

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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6 Responses to As if to be a unicorn

  1. Silverangel says:

    Very interesting to combine unicorn symbolism (purity and innocence) with unholiness and promiscuity. Certainly gave me pause to contemplate. I can never remotely understand the best poetry, so this is probably brilliant.

    • Frank says:

      Women willing to indulge a couple’s desire for a no-strings threesome are sometimes called unicorns, mostly a reference to their being so rare as to be practically mythical creatures…

      • Silverangel says:

        Oh! 🙂 That makes sense. Unicorns from the uni. Thanks for the clarification. Love the poem.

      • BroadBlogs says:

        Reading the two comments sure helps you get the symbolism. Now that you mention it, I wonder what motivates someone to want to be the third member?

      • Frank says:

        Of course, the problem is that when inexperienced couples seek a third, usually they are so afraid of damaging the existing relationship that they’re not really open to creating a new relationship, and so they make an unrealistic set of rules and have unrealistic expectations.

        PolyFor.Us is an ethical non-monogamy site with some good articles, e.g.: To Unicorns, From an Ex-Unicorn (“You’ve heard of Unicorns, now you’ll find out what dangers to avoid in order to not become prey.”) and To Unicorn Hunters, From an Ex-Unicorn (“There’s a reason we call them ‘unicorns’ – none exist.”).

        unicornsrus has an entertaining flowchart, and Love is Infinite blogs about polyamory: Attack of the Unicorn Hunters (“Sexual and emotional exclusivity to one couple, both of whom we must love absolutely equally? Only being allowed to take part in threesomes, while the ‘initial’ couple can still have sex with just each other? Hell. No.”)

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