I kneel before no metal man

Grinding gears and screaming steel
With thudding, thunking steps it came
Tarmac tore beneath its feet
Spitting acid, belching flame

‘Kneel before me, mortal men!’
The monstrous mechanism said
Savagely it swung its arm –
So many helpless humans dead

Left and right it crushed and smashed
Trailing terror, dealing death
Ravaging with rage and hate
And devastating dragon breath

A girl in red and blue stood still
Cold with fury, fighting fear
‘Stop right there, you foul-mouth fiend!
Your rampage ends right here.’

Loud the manic tyrant laughed
‘You pitiful, pathetic man!
You have no hope of harming me
No weapon of this world can.’

‘I’m not a man, no human I
I’m Supergirl, I’m Kara El
Be gone and leave this planet now
Or I will send you straight to Hell.’

Metallic laughter filled the air
‘A child! I have no fear of you!
You’re brave to face a beast like me
But courage should have caution too.’

With searing fire that scorched the ground
It swept a claw to clear its path
A sharp explosion tore its shell
Left wreckage in the aftermath

‘I kneel before no metal man,’
Said Kara to her fuming foe
‘If there’s a next time, have a care
And tarry not when told to go.’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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4 Responses to I kneel before no metal man

  1. Great imagery, Frank! Harsh and gripping.

  2. purehaiku says:

    this is great! I love the awesome image of the metal monster and love how supergirl alone defies him and destroys him – yay! and I still envy (in a nice way) your ability to write effortlessly rhyming poetry…

    • Frank says:

      I’m happy you like it. 🙂

      Often there are days, even weeks, when I can’t do it, because the rhymes feel forced or just terribly over-done. Especially if I don’t have a story that wants to be told.

      I write poetry because I like playing with words, and because I like telling stories. What I admire about your poetry, and also much of the poetry in the Haiku Nook, is just how much thought and emotion goes into so few words…

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