That Shattering Night

This one follows A Star Ignited.

Blissful was that shattering night
the stars like frozen tears
A prisoner of kryptonite
for four heart-aching years
Set free at last to live her life
without false mortal fears

Beautiful, androgynous
her nameless lover slept
In passion’s wake our hero lay
in turbulence she wept
Her senses tuning in the night
where monsters crawled and crept

She listened to machine guns fire
the cops conduct a raid
To whimpers from the hospitals
a cry of anguish fade
The raging of a foul-mouthed man
a woman’s call for aid

She kissed her saviour’s tender brow
‘I’ve slept for far too long
I’m sick of being alone and weak
from now I will be strong
I’d rather spend the hours with you
but staying would be wrong’

Dressed in jeans and hooded top
she whispered through the dark
Following the sounds of fear
a scream, a savage bark
Mere seconds since she left her bed
she landed in the park

Circling round a half-clad girl
a gang of brutal men
‘I love the sight of blood,’ said one
‘let’s make her scream again!
On second thought, guys, she’s all yours
I’ll pluck that pretty hen!’

Grinning, sure of victory
he aimed his loaded gun
‘Come join the party, dear,’ he said
‘it’s far too late to run’
She hit him hard, she hit them all
she laughed, said, ‘That was fun’

‘You killed them!’ said the startled girl
but Kara shook her head
‘Much as I do wish them so
alas, they are not dead
Come with me, I’ll take you home
it’s time you were in bed’

She yearned to go back to her home
to where her lover lay
But voices raised in urgent need
kept standing in her way
With heavy heart she struggled on
until the break of day

Her bed was neat and undisturbed
as if denying all
Fearing that her heart would break
she leant against the wall
But through her laboured breathing heard
a curious crystal call

On the kitchen table sat
her mother’s knowledge stone
She held it, heard her mother say
‘You’ll never be alone!’
‘I know,’ said Kara smiling bright
‘I’ll make this world my own…’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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4 Responses to That Shattering Night

  1. thorough enjoyed this one – I envy (in a nice way) your skill with rhyme and rhythm and how you make it a background to the poem

  2. I love, ‘The stars like frozen tears’. Very nice!

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