Just X Found

A voice rang out, too distant to be heard
A wordless song, too complex for a bird
Calling, calling, it couldn’t be ignored
Calling, calling, a sweet harmonic chord

A dark-eyed girl stood listening, bemused
Her tattered clothes a-glistening, infused
Thick with blood, from the scarlet-dripping trees
Thick with blood, she’d have liked to hear their pleas

She shivered, winter’s chill at war with flame
Before she left her art, she signed her name
X, just X, writ in red upon each brow
X, just X, her dark past forgotten now

Away through innocence of snow she walked
Towards the siren song that wordless talked
Revelation! of love and safety too
Revelation! a dream of red and blue

Between more burned and shattered trees she found
A spaceship buried deep within the ground
Smooth, metallic, a child-sized hollow shell
Smooth, metallic, yet scarred as if from Hell

‘What torments,’ whispered X, ‘did you endure
To come to me, my angel? Fear not, be sure
I will find you, for I belong to you
I will find you, though how I have no clue’

And still the song continued in her head
But louder now for this is where it led
Twinkling brightly, much like a nursery rhyme
Twinkling brightly, a most insistent chime

Of crystal resonance, a calling clear
For X to climb inside, for her to peer
Underneath the – X, unhesitating, peeked –
Underneath the small pilot’s seat, which reeked!

A most angelic fragrance, a delight
Though bitter, true – and also, twinkling bright
‘Kara, daughter,’ a strange-garbed lady said
‘Kara, daughter, by now I will be dead

‘But all that I have learned, for good or ill
You hold now in your hand to serve your will
Careful, Kara! This knowledge keep concealed!
Careful, Kara! It’s dangerous to wield.’

Her face gleamed in the prism’s eerie glow
‘This will tell me all I need to know –
Wonderful life!’ cried X, ‘the world my stage!
Wonderful life! It’s time to act my age…’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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