apple lips – I bathe in silver

Heels & Lingerie

haiku of stiletto heel or knife

rhinestoned dancing shoes
oft make lasting impressions
on too eager laps

my stiletto heels
elegant curves, high platforms
are not worn by me

courtesans ablaze
gracing water in chopines
while the city sinks

my verse corseted
resonant with whale bone song
its passion strait-laced

knickers in a twist
lingerie downfall plotted
thong drawn and gartered


Venus born from waves
did the sea hold your arms when
we dragged you away?

in marble halls she
sits unmoved by the passion
that veiled her fair face

olivia’s will:
two lips, indifferent red,
seeking viola’s

aplatonic I
live in singularity
and baffle the world

the heart’s equation:
a parametric waveform
that loops forever…

the shock of waking
to brittle reality
shatters me again

my abacus no longer

one thousand and one
product of three prime numbers
nine in binary

bridge on a truck bed
many rivers you will cross
before you cross one

splintered porcelain
echoes of yesterday’s self
assembled with faults

beside me, touching
we see eye to eye and yet
we will never meet

unceasing complaint
of brain cells long in the grave
their song haunting me

’tween cat and dormouse
old guard mathematician
dreams absurdity

which do you prefer
a sabbath under the stars
or a spell inside?

my daughter was born
with a single golden hair
treasure in the dark

Caroline I loved
her golden hair my first muse
she was my sunshine

first love
re-discovery of magic
after disillusionment

… and to think this piece
entered the world upside-down
on a piano…


atsui desu ne?
cold coffee jelly with cream
in a shady park

’It’s hot, isn’t it?’ Fond memories of a summer in Japan.

light casts itself in shadow
black spots in my eyes

I’m o’er-conscious
of wind whistling through my skull
space between my ears

secret rendezvous
department store changing room
no need to undress

erotica shorts
(hard to publish, quick to sell)
make electric reads

woman on a pole
she spins not to excite us
but to escape us

such decadence!
in time, each wavering top
will switch to bottom

Kung-Fu Meta-Haiku

my algorithm
for writing meta-haiku
is now in beta

I keep my haiku
in the refrigerator
next to the cheddar

child of seventeen
let’s strip away your excess
and expose your heart

I paint the words white
rage’s fire a damp matchstick
against fury’s ice

o my wretched fate
writing lines a punishment
that gnarls my fingers

burning ears eavesdrop
this gossip too salacious
not to revel in

no pithy comments –
my hide is thick with acid
that will burn your tongue!

you parry well, sir
that’s an excellent riposte
my crude thrust is foiled!

oh dear, I’m blushing
you are kind to say so, sir
my verse is… perverse

stochastic haiku
words selected randomly
from a list of ten

I despise all words
especially those structured
as meta-haiku

don’t get me started!
-ly is a vile ad-dition
used redundantly

unhappy ending –
no deus ex machina
can untwist this plot

comments disappear
words into letters broken
keyboard smithereens

rules do not apply
my name is Meta-Haiku
hear me miscount

robin’s a maid man
sans serif, he robs the rich
of their poor daughters

here tales of dragons
whip through the hearts of children
where fairies tremble

these self-obsessive
narcissistic words are trite
upon reflection

I beg to differ!
my stiltoned words are ported
within sandwiches

I keep my fingers –
manipulative digits!
crossed and double crossed

stochastic haiku
words selected randomly
from a list of ten

three lines of nonsense –
these are for Saturday’s prompt
(which I’ve forgotten)

it’s true what they(*) say:
moderation in all things
but meta-haiku

(*) the Seven Sages? Aristotle? Terence? the temple of Apollo at Delphi?

Errant Thoughts


echo of sunlight born on breath of wind

apple lips burn with seductive promise

unseeing eyes seen dancing in the dark


wings in the dark eyes unseeing

heads spin in the red queen’s wake

birds in nests dreaming of migration

Monday unmoving rain falls past

rising sun fretting to heaven

languishing on strange tides

shh! no one ’ears you whine

Blood! Blood! Blood!

aftertaste of blood
no more

streets flowing with blood
the red priest’s island city
haunted by vampires

monsters in the deep
salivating, deadly teeth
sharp and cold as time

theatre of blood
victim undressed for dessert
dying to please us

rivulet of blood
trickling… slender ravaged neck
pale breasts trembling… still

A (Not So) Lonely F/F Tea Party

contentment in sleep
her To Do lists forgotten
for a little while

under the covers
two friends talking through the night
uncover themselves

with words a chain forged
from gossamer tough as steel
hearts caught in the web

crushed in her embrace
with whale-bone ferocity
my heart imprisoned

conjugal visit
bars cannot deny my love
I bathe in silver

alex is broken
her girlfriend cannot mend her
tumble drier

blowing hot and cold
her teasing breath caresses
secrets from my soul

let me whisper lies
while I lie a-whispering
fingers firmly crossed

why be queen of hearts
suffer the rule of a king?
I’d rather be ace

queen in a coffin
I take my daily revenge
by staying alive

at night she rises
restless in her addiction
to my fluid life

she fills me with love
and drinks from the heart of me
but never enough

Natural Passion

whipped by waves and sea
masefield steers a fevered ship
in search of a star


masefield steers
in search of a star

cracked barnacle shells
railing at the sea we build
pedestals of sand

cicadas at dawn
gold-fire bathes the mountain crests
above shadowed vales

maple leaves in flame
onto pancakes

passion ends in blood
broken hearts fall as embers
wreathing forlorn trunks

embers of summer
falling as fire and gold
a wolf walks between

fat lady winter
not over until the ice

a fear of mushrooms
walks with me through the forest
even spiders hide

breakfast tea
lifts the morning

peas, pudding and soup
too much green makes me feel blue
under the weather

under a dark cloud
the rain

sweet orange lovers…
sour grapes and bitter lemons
shed spiteful tears

sweet chilli kisses
your soft burning lips awake
forgotten desire

the sun fears the day
white wolf hunts the glimmering
shadows of the moon

the moon we worship
basks in a greater glory
too fierce to behold

logistics experts
transportation specialists
army ants at work

Space & Time

to keep time
I steal beats
from your heart

within these soft folds
space and time have no meaning
it makes my head spin

all is relative
to be absolutely still
I let myself fall

forever falling…
the sun will never catch us
until it’s too late

twinkle, little star
your radiation transforms
to such sweet music

black hole in my skull
thoughts in decaying orbit

space elevator
this stairway to heaven goes
six times round the Earth

haiku: suffused with cool light the universe bright with stars explosive pin-pricks

Franklin Meta-Café: Vitriol

Franklin café
flavour du jour: vitriol
bitter aftertaste

IQ 39
like a man I am thinking
with my jack-in-box

core dump
my brain on the page
sift for meaning

like Casimir
I derive mirth from space
between lines

that Walter Mitty
though small in so many ways
was hung like a horse

lousy rule breakers!
call the poetry police!
have ’em writing lines…

even fox wears gloves
in the shade of laburnum
horse swishes his tail

further education:
castration for beginners
in two easy steps

well, wasn’t that fun
I’m so not in a hurry
to do that again

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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  1. Frank says:

    Included in The Weekly World Haiku News on Sunday 1st November, 2015.

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