blood on your lips – sacred pleasure


I curled my long hair
into strands of DNA…
I’m locked in a cell

armed with a typo
angel velocity solved
eat your heart out, pope

(That should have been angular velocity.)

security be damned
put a safe in the open
it will be opened

beware the blogger
if you over-flaterate
his head will explode!

(It’s not a word, but what if it were?)

this expensive pen
is mightier than this ord-
inary cheap one

you will never find
two men hiding together
in the same closet

Fantastic Stuff

make haste, beloved
monsters roam the woods at night
their kisses deadly

their veins flow with wine
laced with the salt of sorrows
I drink to the past

broken hearts…
their blood breaks my heart

the vines a curtain
hungering shadows infest
the sinuous dark

a poor reflection:
narcissus by the river
saw not the vampire

witches on fire
their flame-licked skin burns
all who touch them

dark night
reflections – a blood moon
hunting shadows

(With gratitude to Brendon Kent and Jacob Salzer.)

Kara sings of loss
the villain who stole her heart
kisses her good night

a flash of colour –
shadows fall on the city
the night elusive

a means to an end
the gift of leave to enter
inviting a kiss

where once a train
now only ghosts
spin the wheels

The Final Frontier

captain on the bridge
space and time combine to move
the stars in his eyes

grand galactic stage!
what stellar performances!
my head is spinning…

who sacrificed her daughter
a heavenly queen

motion is static
particles play billiards
the audience waves

creation of golf
life revolves around black holes
nothing forgotten

ever more distant
the moon my mistress never
shows her other face

River to Sea

peaty highland spring
streams bright through summer rainbows
to fall onto ice

do not rush, river
this o’er-rapid course ends
in sublimation

O infinite sea!
old Canute would shake his head
at eight bits of blue

(The point here is that the display color depth is finite whereas the sea is infinite in its color expression.)

so much and no more
gambling above the boards –
beware the freak wave…

going nowhere fast
the cool breeze of propellers
turning in the sun


a tree falls
her hands remember
the acorn

I am sambuca
skin afire with bitter lust
your kisses ignite

defiance of binary
choices made unmade

between black and white
the ill-tempered klavier
seeks true harmonics

horizontal light
the world glimpsed in black and white
through vertical trees

shadows in the nook
masters at work
I am surrounded

wolf dressed as a sheep
concocting seasoned dressings
mutton for dinner

seek not forgiveness
the glass half-empty is full
of oblivion

an answered question
satisfies by closing doors
not yet discovered

genius in man
inventing machinery
to give such pleasure

the towers fell
and the whole world started

o    r
c    o    n
p  p

Errant Thoughts

twilight forest a barcode

old plots recycled into novel creation

news of a niece delivered today

a new eye sees a new moon

the error in rightousness

hindsight of a drunken stag

misidentified girl constructing herself

sun-baked rice pudding desert grub

eight legs double plus good

migrating birds nestling on the beach

the vintage tears of a vampire

twilight diamonds a glittering controversy

A Lonely F/F Tea Party

my blood on your lips
your embrace cannot hold me
I fall into you

catch me in your arms
let your spears and arrows pierce
my heart’s thick armour

beast between my legs!
the fearsome lances we wield
are anathema

sweet anathema…
I dream of accountancy
while spread on clean sheets

past sins forgiven
and will be again

with each tomorrow
my death creeps never closer
while the past recedes

(Vampires again; switch never for ever for a more human version…)

parting the red sea
I head for the promised land
and sacred pleasure

King Solomon sings
of wine and sacred pleasure
women are divine

untainted by men
nature’s joy in disrobing
straight jacketed girls

unzip my jacket
reveal my hot, tender flesh
am I not well baked?

bouquet of red rose
petals unfurled in sweet excess
of five thousand feet

moon-kissed over cloud
my sleeping lover murmurs
an unwelcome name


Meta-haiku are haiku, or senryu, with works of art rather than aspects of nature as the subject. As such, meta-haiku can often be about itself.

beginning with this
I’ll place the end of the work
right in the middle

I sing to a muse
my words plagiarism
yet new to the world

this artless wordcraft
is synthetic illusion
not meta-haiku

scream of blackboard chalk
tomorrow this poetry
will fall into dust

my sense of mischief
snared by that vile seductress
called meta-haiku

postage stamp letters
licked carefully into place
and sealed with kisses

too many poets use words
that are out of date

curse these syllables!
I tripped over a taut line
and twisted my tongue

a truth acknowledged
naked Darcy is admired

the world a jungle
for each poet an orchid
listens politely

haiku’s seasoned verse:
rhyme is a crime, and adverbs?
definitely none!

angel of the north
it must take an iron will
to stay on this earth

is easier than writing
emergent haiku

I don’t write haiku
but I’ve yet to find a rhyme
to make a quatrain

my haiku’s all wrong
the moirai not the morai
guide my fait’less hand

this is my day job
by night my poetry’s read
by ephemera

these words in order
arranged precisely like this

accursed fingers!
my mistyped apology
digs a deeper grave

Religion, Perhaps

my words a forest
I shout to the skies above
with no one to hear

I harbour the fears
of primitive ancestors
truth is eternal

magnets in our hearts
the moral compass is blind
to absolute truth

the art of desiccation

step away from God
if the light shines too brightly
you won’t see the path

seek revelation!
if the words don’t enlighten
your heart is a crypt

the god of the vine
his fertile bounty bottled
he drowns his sorrow

Labyrinthine walls –
God and Nature disagree
over the blueprint

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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4 Responses to blood on your lips – sacred pleasure

  1. purehaiku says:

    Enjoyed these – my favourite is The Final Frontier because it conjured up such vivid images…

    • Frank says:

      I love getting the whole universe into a haiku… 🙂
      Of all these, the one that was most vivid to me was:

      a tree falls
      her hands remember
      the acorn

      and, a close second:

      my words a forest
      I shout to the skies above
      with no one to hear

  2. Noora says:

    These are great!! I admire your haiku skills, Frank.

    My favorites:
    “my words a forest
    I shout to the skies above
    with no one to hear”

    “moon-kissed over cloud
    my sleeping lover murmurs
    an unwelcome name”

    And this piece made me smile:

    “you will never find
    two men hiding together
    in the same closet”

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