the calculus of you – string theory

Airy Creatures

careful, butterfly!
the breath of your wings is felt
all over the world

mid-summer airshow
kittyhawk and vampire fly
while sunbathers freeze

vampires in white coats
the science of bloodsucking
grows almost painless

bubbling rainbows
such pleasure in creation
and in destruction

concrete circular haiku muse

Lord of the Rings

wreathed in fire and hate
born in the mountain’s black roots
the balrog ascends

wielding secret fire
the white wizard faced the eye
and the earth trembled

Time and Space

in search of rainbows:
the edge of the universe
can never be reached

Casimir pours ’ty
his pointed parallel pot
has nothing inside

synaptic cascade
thoughts tumbling magnificence
to little purpose

a potential difference
between two lovers

a fixed point in space
the universe oscillates
round the tennis ball

counting the seconds
between lightning and thunder
the sky is darker

accursed caffein!
you accelerate my thoughts
and make my head spin

cold computation –
watch the world disappearing
one bit at a time…


ve all like to crack
an egg, or even a joke,
now und zen, don’t ve?

grand eroica
I liszt notes in black and white
while orchestra rests

such magic conjured
by the conductor’s white wand
audience spell-bound

soap warring with oil
remnants of food polished off
by crowds of bubbles

it grows by the inch –
a massive phenomenon
that curves space and time

yellow caution tape
the body of this poem
should be thus guarded

voices in the walls…
ghosts and angels fill my head
with conspiracies

a place of torture
where eggs are beaten, cream whipped
and knives quick to cut

nouns – a buxom pair!
so round and full of meaning
and well garlanded

with one raised eyebrow
she took his plan of action
and discarded it

here   s
it   s

Errant Thoughts

train full the morning’s news discarded

rain drumming the bells of digitalis

cheddar gorge the teeth sharpen with age

cornflower words chasing nets between pensive quills

Tantalus in chains a whisker from heaven

self-portrait a new line every day

A Lonely F/F Tea Party

like the silver moon
I am forever falling
but cannot be caught

should we ever kiss
we’d burn till our hearts were one
and the world would end

let us sit and watch
the universe unravel
one string at a time

let it be a string
and yet, if it be a string
I’d wish it not be

let us tie the knot
but I will dream of the night
that I untie it

why would I wear white?
this unsullied flesh of mine
conceals unpure thoughts

we praise innocence
for we take such sweet delight
in its corruption

her soft skin is kissed
by pain-etched roman letters
my name eternal

her skirt revealing
a lingering memory
of a lover’s name

a cheeky delight
two girls celebrate the sun
with languid kisses

lips see what eyes don’t:
black body radiation
is full of colour

stars unreflected
her eyes distract from the truth
of her blood-red lips

beware her black eyes
you will never escape her
Schwarzschild radius

she’ll spin you around
promise you the universe
but she won’t come with

space-time curvature
the calculus of you is
geodesic bliss

your skin is my braille
transcendental equations
beneath fingertips

a perfect circle
forged with gold and promises
of laughter and tears

Roses and Gardens

blue rose of questing
a soft kiss void of sadness
I seek adventure

a rose awoken
sails unfurled to greet the day
bayonets ready

woken by a rose –
what pleasure in her petals!
how cruel her thorns…

tireless gardener
battles against wilderness
for a home-grown meal

raining cats and dogs…
the bells of digitalis
have fallen quiet

curse these tangled roots!
in what incestuous thoughts
were these words conceived?

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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5 Responses to the calculus of you – string theory

  1. what a wonderful rich luxurious wealth of words here – thorough enjoyed them all, especially The Lord of the Rings!

  2. BroadBlogs says:

    Not too familiar with string theory (although I do find physics fascinating) but it seems to have a wide, creative and beautiful range.

    • Frank says:

      String theory is far more advanced than anything I ever studied, and I studied mathematical physics. There are a lot of physics concepts in this collection, for some reason, although almost all of it is metaphor.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. Frank says:

    Included in The Weekly World Haiku News on Sunday 2nd August, 2015.

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