blood like tears – we move in circles

Spring Comes to Narvik

close enough to touch
an icy peak lost in cloud
a bottomless fjord

how calm the water!
snatched from Atlantic grandeur
ringed by icy peaks

memories of snow
cascading through the forests…
winter is bleeding

dilly dally sun…
cloud caressing snow-capped peaks
iron ore wagons

Steam & Trains

coal in the firebox
hot people getting steamy
on a sweaty train

rolling radius…
solid axles scream at curves
passengers grumbling

she thinks steamy thoughts
her blood boiling with passion
as fire burns below

Creatures of Night and Time

blood trails on her cheeks
killed by her lover she wept
tears like mascara

o mischievous djinn
in the bed of your lantern
the embers of dreams

she follows the horns
string caressing her fingers
through the labyrinth

forest of charred wood
smoke and steam the dragon’s wake
pools of bright copper

what magnificence!
the ultimate predator
on a bed of gold

distilled from sunlight
precious blood of ancient trees
dinosaurs within

glitter in the dark
the moon reveals the watcher
in the forest eaves

she died in her sleep
mascara-etched ecstasy
on a face unmade

Middle Earth?

hidden in plain rock
crystalline magnificence
fit for a dwarf king

goth en gothamin
cormlle naa tanya tel’raa
amin naa lle nai

foe of my foe
your heart is that of the lion
I am yours to command


srawberries and cream
jammed ogeher with buer
high ea – ‘’s hidden

A hearty pangram:

five brazen pirates
mix jolly cocktails and cry,
‘hung, drawn and quartered!’

such adoration –
I am Lord of Mosquitos!
my blood is too sweet…

centre court final
the ladies wear delightful

Errant Thoughts

so many idle thoughts a penny spent

tea leaves an infusion of warmth

harts in love a deer image

jasmine garlands the pale goddess

genii build futures on desert sand

a lemon plucked a refreshing bite

A Lonely F/F Tea Party

with apple blossom
she lured Eve beneath the tree
and taught her to sing

free from illusion
her mouth bitter with knowledge
Eve abandoned tears

perfect pouting pink
lips licking languorous lips

Blood & Roses

rose petals falling
fragile promises inspire
such loss of beauty

innocence unpricked
embraced by thorns and velvet
she dreams of soft lips

a rose pared

blood like tears

blood on her fingers
she drowns in pink petal soup
of the rose she plucks

Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

bright constellation
gold stars in heavenly green

in light of the moon
I bathe in secret beauty
and subtle fragrance

Lilies in the Waiting Room

plastic lilies bitter
with fresh tears


great quencher of thirst
bursting with liquid sunshine
the lemon bites back

such succulent flesh!
be careful how you kiss her
or she’ll burn your tongue…


for one brief moment
the sun is caught between stones
we move in circles

black frozen reaches
a maelstrom a prick of light
but pixel perfect

the moon is concealed
by steel and security…
what beauty in flight?

moonlight sonata
ivory amidst darkness
caressing fingers


the world… falls away
moonlight sonata

the imprint of you…
my unsettled sheets are warm
with remembering

sand forever sand
step after step after step
this trail leads somewhere…

footprints in the sand
follow an elliptic path
to its asymptote

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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5 Responses to blood like tears – we move in circles

  1. Magnificent! Reading, Lonely F/F Tea Party, it’s like you read my book, The Fall of Lilith. Loved it!

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