How Kara got her name

Mere seconds separated their
departure from their home
Already crystals falling from
the city’s ancient dome
But Kal’s ship found the direct path
while Kara’s had to roam

Fierce metric stresses forced her ship
to fly in phantom space
A cold and ill-dimensioned zone
a dark and dangerous place
Where criminals were sent to live
and vanished without trace

But he who made it also made
a secret exit too
And he who made it made the ship
in which our hero flew
With wild and differential curls
the little ship broke through

She left her home a girl of ten
her cousin scarcely born
Arrived on Earth a girl of twelve
but space and time were torn
Her cousin grown, she could not do
the duty she had sworn

So bright and bold, in red and blue
her cousin zipped around
The ripples racing through his cape
at twice the speed of sound
She watched the humans worship him
all gaping on the ground

She saw him hide in human form
a bumbling fool called Kent
She spied on him for many days
went everywhere he went
A love-sick puppy, Kal-El was,
that hero heaven-sent

Said Kara to herself, ‘I know!
I’ll be a super too!
I’ve all the strength my cousin has,
one’s good but better’s two.
I cannot wait to see him see
me in the red and blue!’

Metropolis was then at peace
a peace that didn’t last
A terrifying alien threat
descended very fast
When Superman thought all was lost
his cousin hurtled past

With steely strength she battered ships
and soon she turned the tide
And soon the heroes red and blue
were fighting side by side
‘This superhero stuff is great!
It’s so much fun!’ she cried

But Superman was not impressed
‘You treat this like a game!
Until you’re older you must hide,
avoiding Earthly fame.’
He was too late because she had
already earned a name

‘It’s SUPERGIRL!’ the headlines screamed
she screamed in utter bliss
‘I am a hero too!’ she cried
‘I could get used to this!’
Not far away, a girl called X…
dreamed of a future kiss.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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