A frightened girl, our hero

This follows on, sort of, from A Girl Called X.

A frightened girl, our hero was
The stars were drowned in tears
Through curving space and folding time
She travelled two Earth years
Like ghosts her parents’ voices filled
Her waking-sleeping ears

Her home destroyed, her people gone
All victims of their pride
Save only two, a girl, a boy,
Sent on a cosmic ride
Two crystal-powered microships
Kryptonians inside

To Earth! A world whose yellow sun
Would saturate her through
With terrifying strength and fire
And other power too
Each slightest move she’d have to watch
Else such destruction do

Down through the atmosphere she screamed
A burning trail of fire
To crash into an icy vale
And build a forest pyre
She fell out onto alien earth
And watched the flames grow higher

So weak she felt, and heavy too,
From muscles long unused
She’d grown to love her weightlessness
Now gravity abused
A glimpse of sunlight banished all
And left her quite bemused

Swift she stood and looked around
But suddenly she fell
Her eyes were bright with too much sight
Her ears screamed loud as well
How long she knelt there, lost in pain,
She really couldn’t tell

When through her anguish cut at last
A soft and whimpering cry
Another soul in desperate need
Was lost in pain nearby
She didn’t know if she could help
But knew she had to try

A human girl, as young as she,
Lay trembling by a tree
With freezing flesh and heart of fire
And scars not hard to see
Our hero said, ‘I’ve too much life
You’d best take some from me.’

Her hands upon the girl she placed
And shared her sun-fuelled heat
She felt the battered bones and flesh
Mend slow from head to feet
Beneath the rage that soured the face
She sensed there something sweet

When suddenly the jets were there
And helicopters too
All bristling full with men and arms
They hunted her, she knew
‘I’ve healed you all I can,’ she said
‘I cannot stay with you.’

She sped back through the ice and trees
And salvaged what she could
Before the soldiers reached the spot
She’d fled that wintry wood
The wreckage of the microship
Abandoned where it stood

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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