a fragrance that awakens the soul


widow dressed in black
her heart enshrouded she mourns
the lives she will take

o sweet catharsis!
she celebrates by dancing
on her lover’s grave

let us bid adieu…
take my hand – the world owes us
one last adventure

I seek not heaven
many lovers await me
my life will be hell

why end with a stop?
on my gravestone I’ll chisel
one last ellipsis

Divine Reflections

born in the abyss
spilling flame across the waves
pure incandescence

what a dance she leads
where none would dare to follow
if given a choice

to have sex with gods
and yet be named a virgin…
what must a girl do?

once a year – perhaps
Aphrodite greets a sun
that doesn’t love her

a gift from the gods –
a fragrance that awakens
the soul to hunger


speak not of beauty –
the treachery of the rose
is what seduces

my love grows stronger
in that most fertile of beds…
sweet artichoke heart

lovers making haste
passion spent by the minute –
a charge for the room

trees like giants
their restless shuffling gait
going nowhere fast

rainbows in the mud
concentric disturbances
scattering sunlight

veiling cataract
what secrets hide behind her
bridal purity

what trick o’ the mind
would conjure a tesseract
for a cataract?

(an illustration of brain malfunction)

a childish delight?
julia finds perfection
where so many fail

(Julia Fischer playing Mendelssohn)

to make a horse drink…
you think it’s easy? then try
to make a horse fly…

for six months one way
for six months the other way
the wind in Faurei

mud in the ballast…
feel the train shiver with fear –
a grave walked over

writing what I May
like the frosted car windows

the canvas is blank

Errant Thoughts

raindrops scattering rainbows in the mud

amidst the blizzard your heartbeat

’til nothing but amber clarity

cataract – virgin on a lion’s back

A Lonely F/F Tea Party

my flesh is frozen
cold to the touch of a man
but you I will burn

no touch is softer…
do you shiver with pleasure
at my melting kiss?

amidst the blizzard
savaged by white bitterness
you brought me colour

sweet margarita
those bitter words are a tease!
your salt heals all wounds

she sews bitter words
with a thread of malcontent
cloth unstained by tears

mistress chocolate
whip me burn me let me bite
your caramel heart

I’m sick of kisses!
I crumble in your fingers
and melt in your mouth

silver in my veins
no matter which face I show
I have a dark side

she howls at the moon
her flesh subject to its rule
the curse of freedom

let the alpha howl
we have better things to do
in the moonlit glades

lovers by moonlight…
I am bathed by the goddess
alone in my bed

lady fingers climb
a secret path to treasure
beyond the water

tented privacy
what fertile treasure adorns
this lush oasis

a brush with my lips
wild curls and dominant strokes
painting a canvas

imperious tail
its quiescent touch creates

absolute zero
is forever out of reach
with you beside me

spring is in the air…
can you hear the mournful song
of fracturing ice?

bright apple blossom
makes me forget the fragrance
of wild cherry spring

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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