ahh, to drown in the blood of a nectarine

on all who have ears
I lavish wisdom – Harken!
what a fool I am…

Heavenly Matters

to see the future
is to know all creation
and make something new

four billion years
it took me to make this world
and now look at it

Stay in your garden!
Let angels guard your virtue
from pleasures divine…

the road to heaven
is paved with gold and glory…
Beware false prophets!

why does the pursuit
of those heavenly delights
lead us straight to hell?

Lilith the Very
What utter contempt she Had!
as the poet says…

only in heaven
can the celestial fire
be endured for long


celestial fire –
the spirit soars
from withering flesh


in space, an hourglass
the sand set free to measure
universal time

nothing can escape
tick… tock…
the sweep of my hands

her armour is white
her honour guarded by steel!
but iron corrodes…

words scream with tension
’til imagery unleashed!
– storm in a teacup

spring gives life to her
gold-graced shafts dance back and forth
all to make her smile

a worm in her guts –
a single tooth that gnashes!
turning and churning…

the pendulum swings
North to South
collecting air miles

our home far behind
yet so far in front of us
the path uncertain

constant yet changing
giver and taker of lives
insatiable thirst

lonely beggar croons
pockets of his pantaloons
stuffed with tin doubloons

clothes warm and protect
but I have you to warm me
and to protect me

a subtle signal –
his majesty’s displeasure
in a twitching tail

lazing on sheepskin…
the joyful dance of spirits
fills my heart with warmth

to be born with one –
a gift from capricious gods
who ticked the wrong box

I was once a rose…
A poet denied my name
so I caused a stink!

your black coffee scent
enriched with ylang ylang
is all that is left

the top of the world –
elevated above all
nothing can be seen

but without a fence
it would not be possible
to distinguish green

amidst the tombstones
ancient voices spring to life
the silence deafens

Errant Thoughts

ahh, to drown in the blood of a nectarine

dark waters a path to the moon

the lunar sands have a long memory

earthlight reveals all footprints

a glimpse of heaven is a devilish delight

a cold fury masks a chilling fire

the dark goddess drowns in waves of gold

both blood and wound the irresistible knife

the unshielded breast invites an arrow

seek the blossom but take the cherry

set in stone signed in triplicate

the nameless streets will claim you too…

A (Less) Lonely F/F Tea Party

blood from a sweetheart –
the art of penetration
and prophylaxis

seducing her prey…
she knows how blood flows sweeter
through a heart in love

beware the vampire
she smiles ever so sweetly
but your blood will flow

the girls are kissing!
the boys shout encouragement –
and are left behind…

wife in a threesome
enjoying it way too much…
husband feels left out

it’s illogical
to love only one gender
I should learn to count

an ivory chest
guarded by silk and whale bone
her greatest treasure

feather in the wind
her soft breath makes turbulence
there’s no hope for me

such fire in her breath!
gowned in a blaze of gem stones
her soft breasts exposed…

leave the jasmine woods
and follow the forest trail
to the jungle’s heart

Hic sunt dracones.
in the dark and untamed bush
a monster breathes fire

twined about her arm
the serpent’s embrace is tight
its venom etched deep

take this apple, Eve
eat and you will know pleasure
beyond mortal man

I need no master
but you can be my mistress
and my destiny

dressed in ebony
she has an air of roses
and a sting as sharp

the icing is black
flesh firm but perfectly soft
layers of sweetness

the perfect sandwich
Victoria filled with love
strawberries and cream

strawberry kisses…
perhaps I should have told her
that I’m allergic

I wish to be spread
laid on a bed of lettuce
with honey on top

And here is yet a postscript…

my vampire Suzie
into juicy nectarines
loves to sink her fangs

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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2 Responses to ahh, to drown in the blood of a nectarine

  1. Noora says:

    Awesome collection and so creative work, Frank! I was blown away by “Heavenly Matters”. Thank you so much for sharing.

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