Sharp the black whip’s sneering crack

Sharp the black whip’s sneering crack
Deep the wounds that scarred her back
Shattered chain links caught in flesh
Seeping oil and pounding

Pressure! Hear the whistling scream
Punctured pipe work venting steam
Wheels of golden bronze laid bare
Drive train shrieking anguished

Terror! ‘Mercy, please! Desist!
Yield I do, I won’t resist!
Ravage me, I’ll beg for more
Savage me, I’ll praise your

Torture!’ Bright her eyes and dark
Gleaming moonlit vengeance stark
Chain links ruptured, streams of tears
Glittered and cascaded

Fearsome rage! And wild she leapt
Punches thrown, legs round-swept
Sharp the black whip’s sneering crack
Sharper yet its foe

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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6 Responses to Sharp the black whip’s sneering crack

  1. monocochlearmutineer says:

    Marvellous! If Jethro Tull had decided to go with a more salacious version of ‘Locomotive Breath,’ then this would most certainly be the result!

    • Frank says:

      No, but interesting lyrics to that one. I don’t know anything about Jethro Tull, so thanks for that.

      • monocochlearmutineer says:

        No problem. I love the rhyme and rhythm schemes you’ve used, which, by some coincidence emulate the one used by Tull. Actually I’ve just realised that with a few minor adjustments, you can sing these these lyrics to the melody of that song. Real whip-cracking stuff! 🙂

      • monocochlearmutineer says:

        Sorry – there’s a couple of typos in that last reply

  2. Very good. Reminded me of the movie ‘Underworld’ for some reason. That’s a good thing. 😉

    • Frank says:

      I love Underworld – are you thinking of the vampire with the two silver whips, maybe? In this case, I’m imagining the whip more like a bicycle chain, oily and black…

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