sweet, hypnotic evidence of life beneath sheets

duplicated stars –
unempty space


each angel feather
fashioned from the Light of God

Going Commando

going commando –
better than soldiering on,
knickers in a twist

playing with letters:
midwife is conditional,
the ‘we’ discarded

the sky’s a-glitter
electrons and positrons

bubble descending
a hair’s breadth from your fingers…
waiting for the pop

any child can prove
that troublesome second law

but how many tears
were shed over time to make
the sea so salty

So repetitous!
Round and round with no escape…
(Help! Program error!)

ninety nine bottles
aspiring to vanquish thirst…
who stole the other?

Minty Kisses

oh, exquisite thread
let the pulling of this end
unravel my love

the parting of lips
the next word yet unspoken
is revelation

rising and falling…
sweet, hypnotic evidence
of life beneath sheets

I’d fall to my knees
and sing sweet divinity…
but what use is that?

her minty kisses
she planted with sage advice
on rosemary’s lips

those pretty blue eyes
are deep enough to drown in
and so very cold

happy black widow!
to sate the hunger of She
who teaches you bliss

Past & Perfection

borne in a clam shell
caressed by adoring waves
and capricious winds

the paths we follow
were forged not by human feet
but unseen others

That trickster Hermes!
Winding a double helix
round Asclepius

in the heart of Rome
enemies stand all around
armed with words and steel

once upon a time
ere police learned to whistle
they cried with rattles

he stands in the light
the dark impenetrable
and all-concealing

Errant Thoughts

the parting of lips is a revelation

conflagration – glory ravishes the earth

magnificent I burn for millions

rising sun basking in cherry blossom

so many words but I see only the forest

brass teeth and essential oils; orchestration…

oh, to sleep all day and eat fast food…

bounded in a nutshell – all things end

A Lonely F/F Tea Party

where no man dares go –
let me be first to explore
your dark continent

howling in the dark
cursed ever to be alone
but she never is

in the Earth’s dark womb
where the Goddess is adored
two candles flicker

shielded from men’s eyes
let all women celebrate
sacred unity

unseen by the world
let silk sheets entangle us
and make two hearts one

with silk she blinds me
with chains of steel she holds me
and captures herself

sweet translucent love
the tick-turning of your wheels
is music to me

what sharp teeth you have!
they bite with such precision
my soul is ensnared

what use are lock-picks?
without you freedom would be
too great a burden

my corset’s lacing –
with nature’s barometer
your love is measured

my steel-boned sweetheart
what human lover could match
your crushing embrace

cold unmoving brass
I am nothing without you
to fire my furnace

your breath makes me burn
with whistling impassioned steam
till dehydrated

only a lover’s lips
can be exquisitely cool
yet incite such heat

Corsets & Culture

corseted in gold
lost in dream she does not hear
the ticks of her heart

old worm slumbering
his bed a mountain of gold
one eye half-open

Ophelia’s ghost
demanded satisfaction
Hamlet’s tongue was quick

O wicked disguise!
Olivia’s thriftless sighs
echo in my heart

The bats are in flight!
The little robin envies
the fear they invoke…

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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