Haiku Nookie 2014

In March 2014 I joined a community called Haiku Nook where many very talented poets share and discuss haiku. I want to make a record of the 200+ haiku I’ve so far shared mostly only in that community (from laziness rather than a desire for exclusivity).

Winter & Christmas

crystalline calm undisturbed by the mourning bell

inner city park
abandoned for the season
I serve myself tea

we come to worship –
treasures worthy of the gods
are stored in this dome

sweet molten lava escapes the raisin’d mount

a glimpse of secrets
veiled by tradition’s dark garb…
a teasing of myrrh

a panacea
blood, urine, even aging…
frankincense cures all

reindeer all alone
until Santa takes pity
then they all love him

the ultimate tease:
those twenty five little doors
whet the appetite…

faces seldom seen
dressed now in wine and tinsel
while the turkey sweats

good spirits
keeping warm
let it snow

a lone tree uncut
wrapped warm in its coat of bark
while the sun stands still

living poetry –
haiku is sweet creation:
Merry Christmas all!

a few syllables
to mark end and beginning…
Happy New Year all!

Science & Sci-Fi

mole hills and wormholes
blind Alice digs for the stars
moonlight and whiskers

blue supernova –
a ring of devastation,
black hole at its heart

Mistress of the Earth
scratching fire across the sky
with sharpened talons

repeating permutations
order in chaos

either left or right –
or, if no one is watching…
why not go through both?

interstellar dust
bright artistic nebulas
painting the heavens

bits nibbling at bytes
holes flowing like electrons
silicon terrain

dandelion seeds
flight untamed by gravity
timeless perfection

waves of imagination
particles of thought

Shai-Hulud sweeps past
O Great Worm of Arrakis!
the sands and the spice

alien presence
airless desert of white sand
bright infinity

underwater blades
spinning in the river’s mouth
obeying the moon

a quantum of tea
two circles pass the cups in

wonder of science!
see! we have cars without wheels!
oh, they’re just buried :-(


childhood silence
one of six
before breakfast

that first cup of tea
before the family wakes
solitary bliss

That familiar cry:
‘Daddy’s just being silly!’
And of course I am…

screams in the garden
little attention seekers
on the trampoline

magpie on the loose…
its sweet and sorrowful tune
calling the children

bringing chaos to order
with a cheeky grin

purple covered toy
endlessly entertaining
my daughter’s Hudl

My daughter hates them.
When summoned to say, ‘Goodbye,’
she curls up and hides…

Books & Libraries

library of tiers –
a grand tower of knowledge!
an elevator

books older than time
their leaves making history
with each new reader

vellum manuscripts
the air enriched with decay
and ancient secrets

brittle papyrus
a hieroglyphic vision
of life beyond death

busy library
overflows with books by me…
ah, but what a dream


not a breath of wind
the world waits on tenterhooks
until the song ends

icicles on strings…
winter clarity resounds
with calm and fury

[Winter from Vivaldo’s Four Seasons]

Mellow vibrations…
Hamlet procrastinates to
Air on a G-String

vibrating heart strings
soul-stirring brass triumphant
wind-swept rain drumming

[Rossini’s William Tell]

reflections of song
the recorded muezzin
calling the faithful

song without words plays on heartstrings

Said Oboe to Flute:
‘What kind of a bird are you
if you cannot swim?’

echoes of song and tears
flowers guard the underworld
in Père Lachaise

a confounding path
she leads a tarantella
and we must follow


amber-distilled memories transporting me to the Isles

united apart
comfort in differences
sharing the amber

most holy nectar
redolent of Highland peat
never too mature

Witches & Witchcraft

bubbling chemicals –
stench of the unnatural!
the witch drinks cola

plungers poised to sink
black magic pots a-rattling
Englishman drinks tea

a witch in the woods,
caught in magic of childhood
dreams turned to nightmares

laughter in the air…
witches celebrate the moon –
undomestic bliss

Gods & Goddesses

Beware the Huntress!
Men are too concerned with flesh –
and quick to trespass…

the chaste goddess bathes
night pierced by silver arrows
and the scent of blood

goddess and handmaids
in moonlit celebration
washing out the blood

a forest clearing
threaded with sun and silver
the deva dances

pretty golden chest
divine instructions within
(not for mortal eyes)

we are immortals
yet the wisdom of humans
will outlive us all

Vampires & Succubi

coffin lid ajar
stench of decay; hint of blood
crypt door swinging shut

vampire making haste
white skin burning into black
O for a dark crypt!

elixir of life
scarlet intoxication
rich with hope and dreams

bathroom cubicle
mascara trails and smudged lips
a horny vampire

dawn-etched waterfall
a bed of apple blossom
her pale neck weeps blood

screaming villagers
three sultry vampires feeding
on more than just blood

a soft ‘I love you’
each time with adoration
for the blood she’ll take

Dragons & Other Monsters

How she regards me!
Her thousand eyes echoing
hunger for my flesh…

basement locked and barred
moonlight glinting on sharp steel
monster lost in dreams
moonlit basement
the dragon lost in a dream
breathing fire

giants hold the gate
mystical fire burns within
dragons watching over
temple on the hill –
the way to the gods is clear
but demons stand guard

spirits in the air
tickling the nostrils of all
who come seeking them

dragons overhead
painting the sky with their fire
and coiling beauty

amidst polished gold
the ultimate predator
basks in self-glory
polished gold
the ultimate predator

the monsters vanquished
safe at last to fall asleep
until the next day

at first, there was one
then two, three,… infinity
eating me alive


her veins are pathways
across the shifting desert
to the oasis

water from the womb
source of celebrated life
I drink thy blessings

sweet lustral waters
a gushing fountain of joy
anointing my lips

bathing by moonlight…
the waters spring hot and fierce
from the trembling earth

smooth caramel skin
toned and full of vibrant health
why conceal beauty?

Goldilocks is bare
sleeping naked, hungry dreams
eating bears’ porridge

land of fantasy
blonde princesses everywhere
doing kinky stuff

lips curling, teasing
swirls and twirls and whirls of hair
such exquisite curves

ruffled cotton sheets –
raspberry and patchouli
linger in her wake

fragrant moonlit dunes
tremors of past excitement
dew drops glistening

graphic images
sexually explicit

the predator strikes
diving down on tender flesh
eaten as she eats

hard crush of bodies
a wall of indifference
furtive pleasures glimpsed

we parted; we met
each time harder than before
we came together

proud solo artist
working inelegantly
mindless fevered haste

she does what he wants
she doesn’t want to do it
but he is happy

the blessing of chains:
only by surrendering
can freedom be found

her lips pierced with gold
I kneel to receive her words
but she is speechless

firelit Christmas Eve
two women sigh with joy as
one unwraps her gift

a reverent kiss
between the burning yule logs
O sweet mistletoe

The Future

the future awaits
time and tide wait for no man
better start today

The End Is Nigh!
human civilisation’s
running out of juice…

the Earth is burning –
it’s a question of degree
(the truth is hazy)

I’m so exhausted
All I want to do is sleep
I’ll just close my eyes…


vermillion and russet
yearning for the frost

veil of red and gold
winter’s herald falling by
to the forest floor

copper umbrella
gentle rain amidst sunshine
black cat chasing leaves

[A beech tree shedding its leaves in my back garden.]

twice a year
the Earth
lays a wreath


rack railway climbing
steep between the cliffs and peaks

my firebox ignites
wild, whistling steam and passion
thrusting on on on

train at the window
shaking the slumbering house
miles from the railway

iron and ballast
linear nature reserve
dutiful railway

King’s Cross travellers
get a frosty reception
at Finsbury Park

veiled conspiracy
the grand Orient Express
screams through the snow


red-blue burst of light
gold-graced heroine revealed
Wonder Woman spins

Look! It’s Supper Girl!
Feast your eyes on her hot flesh –
Good enough to eat…

How they adore him!
They follow him and heap praise –
but skirt around me…

Animals – Or Not

and her Jellicle kittens
make Roly-Poly

that’s no dog collar!
the leash you hold so firmly
is your submission

the chicken crosses
again – always the same road
it isn’t funny

flying crocodile
swinging to a crashing halt

the nets are empty –
proof that there are many more
wishes in the sea

a broken chain
sheep scamper merrily
no more

I don’t eat sushi!
Give me my fish raw and pure
and sticks to tease it!

the python’s embrace
coiling muscular power
sharing body heat

Is it African?
Or is it European?
This is important…

[Think Monty Python…]

eels in the water –
shadows entwined, their dance is…

What delicacies!
A whole zoo of broiled delights

sun touched
woman on top

battery chickens
working hard to feed us well
chicken in batter

black kite flying high
feathers commanding the air
lily pads below


chimneys are shrinking
it’s no wonder Santa Claus
is on a diet

it’s a nice new moon
but tell me, if you please, what
was wrong with the old?

just one little drink –
what could possibly go wrong?
(you know you want to…)

peppery air
a sea of cornflower
a tissue

featureless expanse
uninspiring off-white walls
bland magnolia

there is nothing news in the sun

ship ahoy!
the pirates come

Twitter followers
exuberant as spring buds
falling easily

Look! The half-full moon!
Or should that be half-empty?
(I am half asleep.)

Love, Romance & Sand

Love’s sweet brilliance
the world is new – wonderful!
(evils forgotten)

footprints side by side
four become three become two
as two become one

her orchid beauty
adored by the haunting moon
and I’m torn with lust

a young girl in love
butterflies in her belly
(quite irrational)

groom and guests waiting
some anxious; some delighted
bride circling the church

black the wedding dress
her fate sealed with wedding vows
while her true love weeps

love is the the air
taking our last breath away
almond-scented death

lovers’ enemy
getting into every crack –
No sex on the beach!
Two or three
I never can say
Though tried I have
In every way…

silicon crystals
glittering with distant dreams
a waiting lover

seaside holiday –
a meaningless excursion
without golden sand

with whispers she knits
a gossamer of longing
to catch falling tears

nothing exists
beyond the blue
of her eyes

sunlit pools; azure
the seduction of drowning
of diving to death

balm for heart and soul
blissful realisation
you are not alone

You are my way home
My Polaris, My Lodestar
Guide me, beloved

Word Play

adjective wasteland
nouns without decoration
‘midst verbs and adverbs

in manner he’s bold
and yet with Italic charm
I’d love to kiss him

where did I put them…
why do people steal my words?
I’ve lost all meaning!

a study in blue
sky blue painted over blue
a calm place to work

[Which is only a literal description of a room in my house.]

little burst of sun
seventeen bright white petals
with a golden heart

Capital Letters
Farmers tending flocks of sheep
Grammar dogs barking

a little poem
in seventeen syllables
arranged in three lines

I anticipate
the sweet anticipation…
the end is bitter

Seeking Profundity

my life before me
like my vision
gets ever shorter

road ahead obscured:
flee the peril absolute –
for uncertain fate…

a perfect moment
shared by many – all now dead
none to remember

paths into darkness
all paved with good intentions
leading ever down

very soul of existence
lust over reason

sherds of painted clay
an ancient sharp-edged jigsaw
of blood, wine and oil

that moment of bliss
between daily drudgery
and domestic chores

a jigsaw shuffled
fragments of reality
presented as art

at the tower’s base
a no one, swaddled, unheard
engraved in concrete

The Mountains and the Sky

O wondrous blue sky
So seldom seen! Tell me why
The clouds want to cry

fierce lunatic sky
scowl not at my mad ramblings
aye, I see your eye

mountain’s heart exposed
crystal shattering sunlight
broken, wounded quartz

ancient sentinel
keeping time effortlessly
stolid and silent

ancient mountain range
whipped by time and whistling sands
a skeleton now

lines of longitude
drowning in all-consuming
celestial fire

stone circle turning
ordering the heavens’ dance
it’s time to return

Diverse Thoughts

let it not be white
unscarred by life and meaning
heartless perfection

deep in the closet
terrified to step outside
shivering within

Vile deceitful flesh!
Constrictive gendered prison!
Curséd binaries!


working together
leaves a good taste in the mouth
(a piece of the pie)

amidst the black and white
rose cheeks and pink puffs roasting
marshmallows on sticks

the mist-veiled crescent
watches the tide coming in
at Scarborough beach

they bring warmth to love
but their shadows are alive –
the flames will perish

thoughts in a muddle
I know it, but cannot see
the wood for the trees

multi-coloured eyes
the leafy green foliage
hides the nut inside

four players
one with mouth firmly shut
but not for long

proud, weeping arches
the Turks delight in
coffee and baklava

valiant hero
strong, independent woman
(still obsessed with men)

ten pin bowling balls
knocking skittles left and right
needles and condoms

my mind is a blank
all purpose quite forgotten
the thing is not here

spluttering to life
the great rumbling dawn chorus
sun shining on steel

dark austerity
colonnades and barricades
a trattoria

concrete wasteland
implacable footprint
a dandelion

an empty road
mustard fields
hidden dip

brightly lit café
warmth amidst the bitter dark
croissants and coffee

O swift curséd breeze
why torment us with that stench
of such smelly cheese

bottom of the hill
communal, yet secluded
internet-free zone

full metal jacket
military invader
messenger of death

Restoration spy
following in Shakespeare’s steps
achieving greatness

clutching my ankles
keeping me from light and life
merciless seaweed

coiled tight like a spring
wound with venomous fury
fetters failing fast

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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9 Responses to Haiku Nookie 2014

  1. Brendon Kent says:

    Some great haiku in there Francis! Well presented..

  2. A fine and busy 2014 … hope your 2015 is even busier … your categorizations are excellent!

    Have especially enjoyed your Science and Sci-Fi …

  3. malinthap says:

    Wow Francis that’s some awesome collection ! I love the humour and science and scifi 🙂 Great ! Wish you good luck !

    • Frank says:

      It was a bit of a headache to extract nine months of poetry from g+ – I need to develop a better system for keeping track of haiku posts…

      Wishing you all the best!

  4. Noora says:

    Wow, Frank! That IS an impressive collection. I really enjoyed reading them. I didn’t expect to be away this long, BUT it is great to be back. Have a wonderful 2015.

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