Lover’s Game

Said Mistress X to Supergirl,
‘I’m in the mood to play
The news has gotten awfully dull
The weather’s just as grey
Let’s go out there and spice things up
Let’s startle and dismay.’

Said Supergirl to Mistress X,
‘I know just what you mean
I’m bored to tears of daytime soaps
And films too often seen
Let’s cause a ruckus, stir the crowds,
Do something quite obscene…’

Said Mistress X, ‘You naughty girl
I’m glad I married you
There’s no one else who knows my heart
The way you always do
Go get your kit, my gorgeous girl,
I love the red and blue.’

Said Supergirl, ‘O Mistress mine
There’s no one else for me
My trust in you is absolute
Our love is meant to be
Even when you tie me up
I feel relaxed and free.’

‘Such sentiment is quite absurd
Those words you will regret!
I am a supervillain, girl,
The worst you’ve ever met!
By mocking me with soppy words
My appetite is whet!’

‘O Mistress, please forgive my speech
I knew not what I said
A strange and sudden madness came
And muddled my poor head
In fact I’m feeling weak and faint
I think I’ll go to bed.’

‘Tsk, tsk! There is no rest for you
The city’s need is great
See there – the news is full of it
The mayor’s quite irate
They’ve found an old atomic bomb!
You’d better not be late…’

Our hero found her uniform
And shot across the sky
The bomb had drawn a merry crowd
Who didn’t think they’d die
A thousand flashing cameras
But Kara wasn’t shy

‘Thank God you’re here,’ the mayor cried
‘You’re just the one we need!
Some unknown villain’s made demands –
You’d better have a read…’
Amidst the orders on the list
Was one extraordinary deed

‘Get Supergirl and make her stand
Unshielded in the square
Then strip her to the naked skin
I want to see her bare
So beautiful that alien flesh
The world should see and share.’

The bomb itself was cased in green
In evil kryptonite
The electronics lined with lead
And hidden from her sight
There was no way she could escape
Her ignominious plight

‘Fine,’ she growled, ‘you win again
I’ll play your sordid game
I’ll let the whole damn human race
Be witness to my shame
But one day soon I’ll have revenge
And make you do the same!’

Her Mistress heard her muttered words
While watching from her lair
‘Don’t make threats like that, my love
You know you wouldn’t dare
Now, no more talking, show us all
Your lack of underwear.’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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