Summoning The Succubus – Helen Atreya

Cover of Summoning The Succubus by Helen Atreya

Helen Atreya’s Summoning The Succubus, published September 2014, is a well written short story blending elements of supernatural horror and paranormal erotica. In fact, it’s written in such a way that you almost wonder if it’s going to turn out to be an erotic romance rather than an erotic horror.

The story has two parts. The first is set in the distant past and takes us into the subterranean lair of a powerful demonic lord and gives us a brief encounter with a succubus. She is blue-skinned with purple lips, and she has wings, and a cock. Yes, this is futanari succubus erotica, and with a definite lesbian theme since in both parts of the story the eroticism is F/F. The second, main part of the story follows Jill as she discovers a book with instructions to summon a succubus and with a rather entrancing sketch of the creature. And of course she succeeds in summoning the succubus, and much sex ensues.

I understand why it was written in two parts this way, but I can’t help feeling the first part is entirely unnecessary. I also wish the characters were more ambiguous in their morality, because without this ambiguity they aren’t really characters at all. This is a story that tries to be more than just erotica, and I wish it tried a little harder.

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