Sex is Foreplay (A Quick Tease)

Eileen Daly in Razor Blade SmileThis is a response to two challenges for the Erotic Writers Group: Character Study (‘to write a piece featuring your most favorite movie character of all time’) and Wordcount Wednesday (‘only be the opening 400 words of a bigger piece’). The teaser below is only 300 words, but it felt appropriate. The narrator is Lilith Silver, Eileen Daly’s bisexual vampire assassin from Razor Blade Smile – Lilith is one of My Top Ten … Fantastic Female Vampires.

Sex is foreplay, and foreplay after the main event is pointless. Never follow your climax with an anticlimax. Which is not to say you shouldn’t drink blood during sex – sex without blood is as much a tease as foreplay without sex – but rather that if you are going to you really should resist the blood until you’re on the brink. To have your body convulsing in the throes of passion while your mind is being blown by the elixir of life… is an ecstasy no mortal can possibly comprehend.

Alastair Keynes is a problem. A rather handsome problem, tall and muscular, dark hair and blue eyes, seemingly healthy. Just the sort of man I’d enjoy playing with, sex as foreplay, before the main event. But he is a problem. Somebody else’s problem, to be precise, and enough of a problem that I have been contracted to kill him. Which means he is business, not pleasure, though the business will, of course, be a pleasure.

My problem is his wife. Joanne. She’s stunning. Gorgeous. Long blonde hair, elegantly dressed. I’ve been watching the house for hours now, waiting for the guests to leave (they’ve all gone now), and have found it difficult to keep my mind on the business of Alastair and not the pleasure of Joanne. Not helped by the glimpse of a furtive kiss between Joanne and the woman with red hair.

I want to taste her – her skin, her kisses, her liquid pleasure, and of course her blood. But I am here to kill her husband, and it would be a waste not to taste his blood too.

Sex is foreplay. If I am going to have Joanne, I need to take her before I kill Alastair. But to take her, I need to get him out of the way…

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A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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