Lois Aflame

Seven margaritas later
Lois said to Clark
‘I had to meet a source last night
As usual in the park
(I know it’s very dangerous
To go there after dark)

‘The information wasn’t new –
It was a total waste –
When going home I heard a laugh
I ran – and I was chased!
Alas my heels were far too high
And so I turned and faced –

‘My foe, or rather foes, for my
Adversaries were two
The first was clothed in glossy black
The other red and blue
It was that villain Mistress X
Along with you-know-who.’

The son of Krypton closed his eyes
And hung his head in shame
‘That supercousin used to be
Predictable and… tame
It’s sad to see her so corrupted
By that vixen’s game.’

Lois laughed a bitter laugh,
Expression rather wry,
‘That Supergirl is many things
But “tame” does not apply,’
And looking rather wistful said,
‘I wish that I could fly

‘I tried to call for help but
Kara’s hand was on my lips
She held me in a grip of steel
Hard against her hips
She kissed my neck and teased my clit
With playful fingertips.’

‘But that is rape!’ cried Clark, aghast,
‘She’s gone too far this time!
She must be brought to justice
She must pay for her crime.’
Lois wriggled guiltily
And fiddled with her lime.

‘While technically you are correct,
Her acts can’t be excused,
I must confess this incident
Has left me quite bemused
A secret fantasy of mine
Is being thusly used

‘Sometimes it’s Superman I want,
To feel his iron strength,
To fill me with his alien seed
To drill me with his length…’
Another margarita came
This must have been her tenth

‘Romantically I’m drawn to men
But girls are pretty hot
My fantasy of Supergirl
Is one I’ve dreamed a lot –
Though thinking of her kinky wife…
Gets me tied up in a knot.’

Lois blushed and grinned at this
‘Her knots are very tight…’
Lost in vivid memory
Laughing with delight
‘That dominatrix took her time
Exposed me to the night

‘My wrists she bound above my head
I dangled from a tree
My toes just touched the muddy ground
No chance I could get free
She used my knickers as a gag
I hung there tasting me

‘While Supergirl spread wide my legs
And teased my swollen lips
Her Mistress made my nipples scream
With alligator clips
While Supergirl pushed fingers deep
Her Mistress twirled her whips

‘Twice the cat came cracking down
Against each tender cheek
Out around sweet Kara’s face
I felt my juices leak
I’ve never known such joy in pain
I feel like such a freak

‘And that was just the start of it
I came, and came, and came,…
Although their acts can’t be excused
They’ve lit an urgent flame
If I could live last night again
I’d let it play the same…’

She downed a final drink and slumped
And didn’t see Clark’s scowl
She didn’t feel him fly her home
Or hear his anguished howl
But Mistress X heard clear his pain
And gave a sexy growl.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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