Faster, Supergirl! Kill! Kill!

So wild the winds and dark the night
The moon and stars all hid from sight
A woman stood, her blonde hair drenched
With gritted teeth, her fists tight-clenched
She watched the sky grow bright

When through the boiling clouds it burst –
A shooting star! – the woman cursed
She flung aside her drab disguise
And hurtled up and through the skies
She hoped – but feared the worst

Down on the Earth the object fell
And by its motion she could tell
No meteor this, no no indeed,
An alien infernal seed
Inside a metal shell

In air-braked heat it cooked and cracked
But this was just the opening act
As soon as Supergirl arrived
She saw the newborns had survived
Through fissures they attacked

A thousand writhing serpents streamed
With eery light their slick skin gleamed
With lightning speed they tracked and traced
In search of fertile flesh they raced
Where sleeping humans dreamed

No wooden door could block their way
To where their victims slumbering lay
No silken garb or cotton sheets
Could keep them from the tender treats
These soon were stripped away

Our superhero used her eyes
To take the creatures by surprise
A hundred serpents swiftly sliced
A hundred more were even diced
She shuddered at their cries

She hunted far, she hunted near,
Listening for cries of fear
From waking humans caught and bound
Or any sweet, suggestive sound
Of pleasure she might hear

Not even half an hour had passed
Until she trapped and killed the last
‘You saved us all!’ the people said
But Supergirl just shook her head
‘Alas, they were too fast.’

They smiled, forgave her, gave a cheer
And never one had shed a tear
Behind their eyes dark purpose lurked
So soon the monstrous venom worked!
Her failure was too clear…

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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