Super Honeymoon Game

Supergirl and Mistress X – The story so far…

  1. A hero true
  2. Until our souls combine
  3. Ineffectual Steel
  4. Short poem at the end here: Cavalier approach to life
  5. Stopped with a Kiss

The story continues…

Supergirl lay bound in bed
Dressed in silk and lace
In bridal bliss she rested in
Her Mistress’s embrace

The dominatrix whispered soft
Her game of sin and spice
‘I’ve made for you the perfect gift
An excellent device

‘An ancient mine runs underground
Beneath the city’s streets
I’ve laced the walls with kryptonite
And more infernal treats

‘Great vibrating rigs I’ve placed
To shake the city’s bones
Controlled by sensors listening
To my sweet lover’s moans

‘So take great care, my Superwife,
Be silent as I toy
For buildings will be crumbling
If you express your joy.’

With soft and tender lips she teased
And tasted eager flesh
With razor-sharpened fingernails
She sliced through cotton mesh

Her tongue wrote slowly over breasts
Her fingers scribbled quick
She sat upon our hero’s face
And ordered her to lick

She turned to take her turn below
And sucked a superclit
Her fingers delved inside the well
She drank and gently bit

Supergirl was lost in need
And struggled to stay still
It wasn’t chains that kept her there
It was her lover’s will

Convulsing, panting, body tense
A whimper passed her lips
She whimpered too when Mistress X
Revealed her dreaded whips

Twice they cracked across her left
Her right received the same
And with a cry that shattered stones
Our superhero came

Supergirl lay bound in bed
In tattered silk and lace
In bridal bliss she rested in
Her Mistress’s embrace

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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