Stopped with a Kiss

Said Supergirl to Mistress X
‘I’m getting sick of this –
The media are so unfair,
They really take the piss!’
Her lover sighed in sympathy
And stopped her with a kiss.

‘My sweet and super Supergirl
This treatment is unjust
Whenever papers speak of you
Their words are sexist lust
The photos that they choose to print
All focus on your bust

‘With Wonder Woman, I have seen,
Their words are more restrained
The journalists are full of praise
Photographers are tamed
So why is it my Superlove’s
So regularly shamed?’

‘I’ve always tried to do what’s right
And never sought out fame
Whatever evil threatens Earth
I’ve always fought the same
(Except with you, but you I love
No matter what your game)

‘They watched me face an alien god
Who had me eating dirt
They didn’t speak of how I won
Or care that I was hurt
They focused on the top I wore
And criticised my skirt’

The dominatrix kissed her love
And teased an errant curl
‘I have a vengeful plan, my sweet,
I’d like to give a whirl
I’ll have the humans on their knees –
They’ll beg for Supergirl!

‘Your cousin and his superfriends
Will fail to make things right
To have you missing from the stage
Will give them all a fright
While we enjoy our honeymoon
Secluded in delight.’

‘Oh Mistress X!’ our hero cried,
‘I’ve waited for this day!
Your gift for me is naughty but
I’ll let you have your way.
Now pop the question! Do not tease!
You know what I will say…’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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