What a dream I had!

Her smile was reminiscent of the sun
A glimpse of home, of happiness
‘What a dream I had!’ she cried, and laughed
‘What happened there you’d never guess!’

Glowering darkly, Amy sighed,
‘You met a man who burned your lips
With the fiery passion of his kiss
And lit a pyre with his fingertips.’

Barbara chuckled mirthlessly
‘You let him strip your clothes away
You offered up yourself to him
And opened wide so he could play…’

Carol caught her from behind
And whispered, ‘He was so divine
His tongue excited, drove you wild,
You loved him when he said, “You’re mine!”’

‘Stop! Stop!’ she shrieked, ‘How can you know?
Your mockery I will not hear
He loves me true, I know he’s real
He’s in my heart, I feel him near.’

Amy wept. ‘He made me his
I dreamed him in my bed last night,
All through the dark hours I was used
Discarded with the coming light.’

‘And I,’ said Barbara with a snarl,
‘Was on my knees, I worshipped him
With words until my mouth was sore…’
Her glowering face was grim.

Carol sneered, ‘He tied me up
And whipped me till my tears were blood
His torture made me scream with need
And made my fluids flow and flood.’

Her laughter made the three girls glare
‘In truth the only man was me
A joyful time I had all night
In pleasuring you one, two, three.’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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