Ivory Terrors

Georgiana Derwent’s Ivory Terrors, published May 2014, is the third and final book in The Cavaliers trilogy. I received an ARC of this in January but had time to read only the first half; now that the book has been published, I have been absorbed in the second half. It’s not perfect, and I could get picky, but it is an addictive read, and in all honesty The Cavaliers is a wonderful trilogy that’s part traditional vampire and part paranormal romance, but ultimately more the former than the latter.

With the ever increasing fondness for series that go on ad infinitum, it’s oddly rare to find a genuine trilogy that’s been carefully planned and plotted from the outset. The character of Harriet has matured during the three books, and so has the confidence and judgement of the author. This book, much more than the earlier books, knows what it is about; and finally Harriet gets to be heroic rather than reactive.

Ivory Terrors blends history (the story of Augustine) and romance (Aahh!! Love triangle! – but keep reading…) with the essential story of Harriet versus the vampires. I have a very low tolerance for love triangles, but the Harriet-Tom-George triangle is well balanced and the outcome is as hard to predict as the trilogy’s conclusion.

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2 Responses to Ivory Terrors

  1. Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m particularly pleased that you liked the ending, as I was really nervous about concluding things in that way. So far, both at beta stage and in post-publication reviews, there’s quite a split between people who appreciate that I didn’t go for an obvious ending and those who feel a bit cheated. But if you’ve landed yourself with a love triangle, you’ve surely got to do something interesting to resolve it…

    • Frank says:

      I think anyone reading this for the romance will be confused.

      One of my all-time favourite books is Hannibal. The first time I read it, the ending left me screaming with frustration. It took me a few hours / days of angst to come back and re-read the ending and understand its correctness. (And then the film screwed it all up big time, sigh.)

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