A million heart-wrenched tears

My eyes see clear through rock and cloud
Privy to things I’m not allowed
Transparent walls, translucent flesh
Clothing an insubstantial mesh
I am no voyeur, do not scold
I wish the world were made of gold

I hear a thousand secrets told
From love affairs to vengeance cold
A million heart-wrenched tears
From loneliness and mundane fears
Pleas for help I can’t deny
Brutality that makes me cry

Even when I’m high up in the sky
I hear them always asking why
I wasn’t where they needed me
As if they think that I should be
Everywhere at once! Imagine that!
Watching always, like a cat…

Some call me skinny, some say fat
For some my chest is far too flat
I don’t know why my body shape
Is more important than my cape
I am defined by what I do
Not my colours red and blue

They say I fail, but have no clue
How hard each day is for me – it’s true!
The world is fragile, one wrong move,
One thoughtless step and I would prove
My words with blood and broken bones
With twisted steel and shattered stones

I share your troubles, feel your grief
But do not bring the burden of belief
In me – I am not human, but not divine!
This world of yours is also mine
I will try, I’ll do my best –
But you are responsible for the rest.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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