her lips seal my fate

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon

deep honey mischief
shining bright! teasing beauty…
their eyes devour me
with brutal lust they bind me
my spirit is free
pale skin unblemished
sweet, succulent, virgin flesh
begging to be spoiled
Private luxury –
a theatre box for two…
Who’s watching the play?
cards? hearts? chocolates?
roses red? violets blue?
sexy lingerie!
nails for drawing blood
scratching pain amid pleasure
her kiss steals my will
enthrals me, captivates me
her lips seal my fate
eight spidery legs
a terror most erotic
venomous delight
Forgive me, Master!
I’m a very naughty girl!
I must be punished…
four men in a row
standing stiff, at attention
formidable sight!

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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2 Responses to her lips seal my fate

  1. Noora says:

    “her kiss steals my will
    enthrals me, captivates me
    her lips seal my fate”
    … my favorite! Great work. Keep them coming!!

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