The Black Queen

I’m all alone, wrapped warm in bed,
No lover here, a book instead,
It’s dark elsewhere, I’m brightly lit
And settled for the night

The words are startling, quite precise,
The grammar’s good, the pacing nice,
I lose myself between the lines
In images half-seen

The heroine’s seductive wit –
Acerbic, makes me smile a bit –
Her grin, glimpsed through her curly hair,
She’s just my kind of girl

She’s quirky and she’s sexy too
She’s bitchy but her heart is true
As page to page her troubles grow
Between my thighs I rub

She has a lover in this scene
An Amazon, a mighty queen –
Adjust my pillow, settle down
I’m getting very wet

Her negligée is tight and thin
Against her equatorial skin
She’s webbed in scarlet cotton lace
Exotic, very hot

My heroine is tied with rope
For quick escape she does not hope
Against her captor’s chest she thrusts
And snares a hard-tipped breast

She sucks it hard and licks at it
As regal fingers touch her clit
She aches for that exploring hand
To delve within her core

The queen denies what we both crave
She pulls away, and calls a slave
To mark my flesh with ink and pain
Till through the text I sink

She laughs to see me fight and squirm
The ropes that bind me are too firm
She says, ‘This pleasure’s mine to give
You’ll find my lips divine!’

Her breath is warm, her kisses sweet,
She works her way up from my feet
Electric shivers ease my fears
And yield me to this tease

At last she lies between my hips
And pleasures me with fingertips
She brings me with her royal lips
To such transcendent joy

When morning comes I don’t awake
In bed alone – I’m by a lake
And wrapped within my black queen’s arms –
I hope I don’t go back

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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2 Responses to The Black Queen

  1. Interesting formate, descriptive and sensuous … I like

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