O husband, dear, forgive me please

‘O husband, dear, forgive me please
I have betrayed your trust
I met a sweet and handsome man
And yielded to my lust

‘His kisses made me melt with need
His fingers burned my skin
I looked into his sea-blue eyes
And drowned myself therein

‘His hands roamed freely ’cross my flesh
With confidence and strength
I ached for him to drop his pants
And free his ardent length

‘Instead he pushed me on my back
And stripped away my skirt
He whispered sonnets to my thighs
And teased apart my shirt

‘At last he reached my pulsing core
My pussy was so wet
His nose explored my tender folds
His tongue I won’t forget

‘My husband, dear, I love you true
But how can I resist
This eager youth who has my sex
So intimately kissed?’

‘My darling wife, I will forgive
For I am guilty too
Of all the women in the world
The one for me is you

‘And yet I met a sultry lass
Who made me lose my head
She smiled and spoke with wily charm
And led me to her bed

‘She bound my wrists tight with my belt
My ankles with my tie
She bared my chest, my hair caressed,
And breathed a lusty sigh

‘She worked my trousers down my legs
Until my cock sprang free
She laughed with joy: “Why this,” she cried,
“Is bigger than a tree!”

‘“This is,” she said, “the biggest cock
I’ve seen in all my life
You’re lucky too to satisfy
That gorgeous, lusty wife.”

‘She told me how she stripped you bare
She told me how you came
And all the while she stroked my length
Until I did the same

‘And so it seems we’re both seduced
And by the same sweet… youth
So let’s be free to have more fun –
But always tell the truth.’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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