The Slave-Girl and the Vampire – Excerpt

Some explicit content, but this isn’t erotica, and the genre is more science fiction & fantasy than anything…

The maid stays where she is, her legs shaking, her breasts swinging in time to her panting. Blood trickles down her thighs from the red line that wasn’t there a moment ago. Her mistress, my host, kneels down behind the girl and starts licking at the rivulets, cleaning the skin with a lover’s tongue, sucking at the fresh wound with gentle kisses.

I’ve heard about people like this, who pretend they’re vampires and find the idea of drinking blood exciting. It just makes me sick. I turn and walk out. I don’t want anything to do with this crazy bitch.

How dare she! She had no right to involve me in her twisted fetish. I feel violated. Ill. I came here for a job interview, but now I just want out.

Down the stairs, across the marble-floored hall, my footsteps loud with cavernous echoes, through the large, heavy, wooden front door. Out. The mansion dark and quiet behind me. In front of me, nothing but the night, black and silent, lit only by the stars and a thin crescent moon.

And I have no idea where I am. I was brought here by helicopter, which had been a nerve-wracking – yet wonderful – experience, and I had loved watching the coastline pass beneath, with all the ancient, abandoned, decaying ruins. But I don’t remember seeing any towns or villages for a long time before landing. And there was a high wall around this estate. I can’t see it in this darkness. I have no idea where the gates are – there must be some, surely.

There’s no sound of warning. Before I can react, she’s fastening a collar – click! – around my neck. ‘What the fuck!’ I scream at her, enraged.

She slaps me hard on the face, shocking me into silence, and before I can recover she has clipped a leash, a chain, to the collar beneath my chin. ‘I didn’t give you permission to leave,’ she says calmly. Valery’s nothing but a shadow in the night, but her eyes catch the light somehow. ‘Come!’ She walks back to the house, dragging me after. I try to resist, but she’s too strong. I dig my heels in, and collapse onto my hands and knees. She stands ominously in front of me. ‘This is your first night,’ she says, ‘so I’m being lenient with you, but don’t try my patience or I’ll have you take Lucy’s place on the balcony.’

‘Okay! Okay!’ I plead, terrified by the thought of being whipped, revulsion at the thought of her licking the blood from my thighs. Suddenly I’m blinking tears from my eyes. ‘Valery,’ I beg. ‘Please stop this!’

I cry out as she slaps me hard across the other cheek, so that both are now stinging from the pain and wet from my tears. ‘My name is Eve,’ she says, ‘but you will call me “Mistress”. Do you understand?’

‘Yes,’ I say reluctantly. Oh, how I hate her!

She tugs the leash harshly, hurting my neck. ‘Do you understand?’ she hisses angrily.

‘Yes!’ It’s a cry of panic. ‘Yes, Mistress!’ I can’t control my tears any longer. I’m so ashamed of how pathetic I am, sobbing, on all fours like a dog in front of this insane woman.

‘Good girl,’ she says. ‘Now come on.’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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2 Responses to The Slave-Girl and the Vampire – Excerpt

  1. Interesting read, Francis. Thank you for sharing.

    • Frank says:

      Funny that I started out with the intention to write a lesbian romance. Halfway through the first paragraph I stopped, thought, ‘This is boring,’ and changed track completely. ‘What if,’ I thought, ‘Eve and Carolyn weren’t lesbians, but everyone else was?’ And suddenly the whole story crystallised…

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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